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24-03-2019, 09:05   #16
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People who jump to a label to entirely dodge replying to anything you actually said.

Be it "left liberal" or "alt right" or "Islamophobe" or "racist" or whatever.

The algorithm is always the same. You say something - they label it - and then tell you their issues with people who fit that label in a way that replies to literally nothing you had just said.

I do not just lose respect but _all_ respect for them in that case.
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24-03-2019, 09:11   #17
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People who put their bags on train/bus seats and won’t move until someone has to ask can they sit there
Ditto people who sit o the outside of the row when the inside is vacant

I have a lot of train issues
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24-03-2019, 09:15   #18
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Oh yeah and people who put tea bags in the sink hidden under the dirty dishes so you cant see them until you fill up the basis to wash the dishes.

But I do not think they so much lose respect as much as their entire right to live.
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24-03-2019, 09:18   #20
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Craft beer drinkers
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24-03-2019, 09:23   #23
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People who Park up on the kerb of the Main Street of a town or double park with hazards on blocking up a full lane of traffic because they want to
Use the ATM
Collect their takeaway
Make a delivery

And the nearest parking spot is 10 steps away
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24-03-2019, 09:26   #24
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Originally Posted by somesoldiers View Post
People who put their bags on train/bus seats and won’t move until someone has to ask can they sit there

If there are no double seats free in the carriage, I'll make to the seat with the bags to sit down just to annoy the person with the bags, because they have annoyed me

As for the person apparently fast asleep, blocking the window seat. Target no 1.
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24-03-2019, 09:37   #25
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Scratchcard players.


Those who read the horroscope.

Those who have a simplistic moralistic reaction to many stories without thinking for a minute that it might be more complicated: "the government should just give houses to all the homeless people".

People who think a Marxist utopia is going to arrive any day now, despite all the evidence of the 20th century.
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24-03-2019, 09:38   #26
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Being a spa.
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24-03-2019, 09:45   #27
corner of hells
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Originally Posted by JeffKenna View Post
Also gob****es who keep talking about being lactose , dairy intolerant of something every ****in' different day.

I worked with clown who not only allergic to dairy products , was a vegan and a born again Christian.

If she worshipped Satan he wouldn't have inflicted such misery on her.

And there's a thing , you don't hear of Satanists doing suicide bombings , invading other countries in the name of Satanism.
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24-03-2019, 09:49   #28
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People who think Michael Jackson did nothing wrong.
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24-03-2019, 09:50   #29
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Religious belief of any flavour is an absolute no no for me. I cannot take seriously anyone who, as an adult, believes that myths and legends are fact
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24-03-2019, 09:54   #30
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Homeopathy and faith healers always does it for me.
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