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30-05-2020, 01:26   #871
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I see you 2019

Actually a pretty decent under-the-radar thriller that has a couple of tricks up its sleeve in terms of how it chooses to tell the story. Not wholly unoriginal overall which might please the jaded thriller-heads out there a little.

7 / 10
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30-05-2020, 13:32   #872
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Bad Boys For Life.

Not bad at all but hardly the huge upgrade in quality from the first two.Also,its the third film iv watched in a row ( After Tomb Raider and Pacific Rim:Uprising ) that has a post credit scene setting up a potential sequel.Marvel has a lot to answer for.
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30-05-2020, 17:25   #873
freak scence
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his dark materials

highly enjoyable
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31-05-2020, 08:30   #874
El Rifle
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Wake in Fright 1971 Quite the Aussie movie this, about a teacher in the middle of nowhere heading back to Sydney for the summer but on the way he gets caught up in hick towns and starts drinking. And he doesn't really stop drinking for a few days and life falls apart fairly quick. Its a surreal kind of movie as it seems so normal yet there is a horror to it, a horror of reality.
What probably has this billed as a horror movie is an actual real Kangaroo Hunt that is filmed for the film, and very hard to watch. This is a weird one for sure, but its very good for what it is.
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31-05-2020, 20:55   #875
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Top secret!
It's on Amazon prime...not seen it in years still hilarious...not quite airplane but close!

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01-06-2020, 10:01   #876
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The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen

This was fairly poor I thought. Buy any other standard I'd consider it an ok, watchable but messy and badly cast overly ambitious crime romp. But by the standard of Guy Ritchie's other stuff its a bit of a disaster. It's kind of all over the place , really unrealistic to the point of farce and to the point where you wonder if a Charachter is there for comic relief or to actually be taken seriously. The casting is diabolical. Matthew Mcconaughey does not pull off a crime lord at all , Colin Farrell is paddied up to the nines and acts like he's in a panto. Hugh Grant also hams it up big time and his dialogue is pretty awful. It's Full of crap Clichés and a bit too Long.

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01-06-2020, 14:43   #877
Statutory Ape
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A very young Al Pacino stars as a cop that is exposed to and wages war against corruption within the department. Based on true events, the levels the corruption reached is staggering. Events currently unfolding in the states show that this problem has not gone away. Not the usual screen eating performance from Al he became known for, he goes from wide eyed naivety to downtrodden acceptance that he is only a tiny cog in an ultimately rotten to the core machine. I really enjoyed this, hadn't seen in in donkeys years and it's as much a mystery (as in who can he trust, who isn't actually corrupt) as a cop drama. Really brilliant piece of work and arguably Al's best movie.


Taxi Driver

Unhinged Vietnam vet DeNiro slowly comes unscrewed as he witnesses depravity on a nightly basis as he drives a yellow cab around an endlessly seedy NYC. RDN is excellent as always, Harvey Keitel is delightfully sleazy as Iris' pimp but it's a movie that not alot really happens. Very much a character study about the effects of war and the largely unseen dank underbelly of 70s NY, it's worth a watch for the performances but it left me a bit flat. The happy ending felt really tacked on and was a complete about face to the overall tone of the film. Was my first time watching it in over 20 years and I did rate it very highly historically, not so much now.

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01-06-2020, 19:25   #878
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Originally Posted by johnny_ultimate View Post
Promare - imagine the vibrancy of Into the Spiderverse, but if the creators snorted pure sugar every day before heading into work. Promare is an insane explosion of colour and energy that's equal parts exhausting and dazzling. The outrageously cheesy soundtrack almost (almost!) makes Makoto Shinkai's films feel reserved, while the action fairly incredibly stays *mostly* coherent as rainbows explode and physical laws of the universe are repeatedly disregarded. The story is beyond nonsense and barely coherent, but it does to its credit avoid the sleazier aspects of fan service that tend to permeate a lot of anime these days. Don't expect anything other than empty calories, but boy is the eye candy impressive. Boss-level use of block capital title crashes, too.

While the actual plot is nonsense I would give the story in general a little bit more than that especially in regards to the main villain. In particular Spoiler: the main villain being a tech/corporate mogul with a savior complex who possesses the technology to fix the problems of the world, but would rather abandon it and start anew in a world where they lead as a savior has more than a touch of real life counterparts like Elon Musk.
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Today, 00:42   #879
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Indiana Jones And The Crystal Skull - continuing my revisits if widely beloved Spielberg sequels

So The Lost World is mediocre at best, but I do have a hot take about Crystal Skull: the first half of the film is, in my honest opinion, great. It has its awkward moments (still hate the CG gophers) but there’s so much good stuff in the first hour or so - heck, it’s some of the most fun Spielberg has had in the past two decades (said as someone who believes he’s a better blockbuster filmmaker than serious drama filmmaker.

I love the clarity of the action sequences - the warehouse sequence is a delight, and the chase through the university town later on is a tonne of fun. I’m even pro nuking the fridge - it’s goofy as all hell, but the scenes where Indy realises what’s actually going on in the weird ghost town are a blast (followed by a literal blast). But beyond the action, I think there’s lots of stuff here that has Spielberg operating at his most playful. Take the scene in the diner where Mutt and Indy first meet. It’s such a lively, witty piece of filmmaking - what should be an exposition dump becomes much more as the background energy and the characters’ unspoken gestures and actions start filling us in about who they really are.

Regrettably, the film goes over several cliffs - and not just in terms of the plot - when they reach the jungle. There’s just enough payoff to stick around - I like the way they have Indy grapple with his past life decisions while still ensuring he’s the committed adventurer we know so well. But it’s a downgrade of major proportions. The whole 30 mins stretch of the jungle car chase, killer ant sequence and triple waterfall dive is seriously rough. It’s the worst sort of weightless, unnecessary CG gubbins.

But you know, I have a strange sort of affection for this film while acknowledging its very real, very serious flaws. There’s enough of that classic Indiana Jones spirit in there - especially in its rollicking, delightful first half - that I can’t bring myself to come down as hard on it as so many others have. I’d happily take it over your Marvels or Jumanjis or whatever. It may only be ~40-50% a good film, but it could be worse - it could be Rise of Skywalker.

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