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New Forums (Idea)

Hi all,

This isn't strictly a new forum request per se, but related to how new forums are managed and displayed to users. As of now, the "New Forums" testbed has been implemented, and is a good start in overhauling how the growth of Boards is managed. However, it's still hamstrung by the fact that any content within it is not being optimally placed. Say the new 3D Printing forum for example, the breadcrumb trail is:

Home -> Talk To -> -> What's New -> New Forums -> 3D Printing

^^ It's fair to say there's a bit of experience/knowledge with needed in order to find such a forum. The Search function is not much help really, with the second result for a "3D Printing" search, being 8 years old. There has to be a better way in terms of presenting new forums with growth opportunity, other than word of mouth, and blind luck in terms of finding them.

I seen something this morning, and the more and more I see it and think of it, the more head scratching it becomes. The big drop down menu at the top of the Boards floating menu - it's a HUGE chunk of floating real-estate, for a site that isn't even affiliated with any more (iirc?). That menu could be put to FAR better use than it is currently, and give things like new forums a serious shot in the arm to boot.

Why don't we rename and repurpose this drop down link? Imagine it was renamed to, and dropped down to display all kinds of prominent things? New forums could be displayed with the simple act of hovering a mouse cursor over it... It means we could remove from the Talk To section (where it's unintuitively mixed in with third party businesses), and give Boards/ie it's own, prominent, dedicated drop down menu where everything important, relevant, and new is displayed without even having to click to find things.

The floating bar could then read something like:

It's just an idea, and I don't *think* it's cost much development time, as it's just a few renames and a few link changes in an already existing feature? It'd have the benefit of bringing the very important Forum Requests forum into much closer focus, and not continue being the backwater forum it unfortunately is, going unseen by the very users who could be contributing much more to overall site growth.

I don't have metrics of how often this menu is used, but shirley Boards interests would be better served by promoting it's own features/functions first, over that of another no no longer related site? Anyway, just an idear as they say!

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Absolutely, came here to post this. If the purpose of the trial of putting these forums in "New Forum" section, that section needs to be way way more visible. I knew these forums existed and I didn't know where to find them.
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