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What big companies do you think will not still be here in a decade 's time?

I think that Apple and Facebook will either not be here or they will be like that Irish computer maker that used to be real big and the top seller but it's not exactly a household name now. Sorry its name is there in the back of my head but just not coming to me yet.
Hopefully someone here will think of it.
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Shamrock Leprechaun Computers LLC?
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padd b1975
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Capt'n Midnight
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Any company that outsources IT. Especially to the lowest price in India.

Any company that gets a new CEO that figures out how to give the shareholders enough money now that they don't care about running the company into the ground.

Any company that starts trading on it's reputation instead of building it.
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30-07-2020, 01:19   #5
Capt'n Midnight
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Ireland used to make 90% of the computers for Europe.

Concurrent, Prime, Stratus, Nixdorf, Computer Automation, Amdahl, Apple, Zenith, Wang, Dell, AST ,Digital , Gateway, etc.

and Intel, HP and loads of cards and peripherals made here.
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A Tyrant Named Miltiades!
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Originally Posted by AMKC View Post
I think that Apple and Facebook will either not be here or they will be like that Irish computer maker that used to be real big and the top seller but it's not exactly a household name now.
(Still here and doing well but you wouldn't necessarily near from them in ordinary life)

Edit, just saw capt'n midnight's post. I bet it was Gateway 2000
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Apple and Facebook basically have nothing in common other than they're in the IT sector. Apple's a hardware company that makes money out of selling deluxe hardware mostly and services associated with it. They're also much, much older dating back to the 1976. I could see them shrinking from their current peak, but I don't think they'll disappear anytime soon.

Facebook's basically a data-mining advertising company that's making its money out of your information and is increasingly coming under a lot of regulatory scrutiny and political focus due to the kind of stuff it hosting. I could definitely see Facebook being at the very least broken up.

Google may also be split up due to anti-trust issues. It's just far too dominant to be ignored anymore.

I could see Twitter disappearing as it has limited revenue possibilities.
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30-07-2020, 01:39   #8
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Personally i think Facebooks days, in it's current form are numbered. Few of my friends still use it. Obviously with a personal fortune of about 65 billion, Zuckerberg has enough money to keep it going past the next ice age, but I still think its reached its peak and the decline has started.

Alot of desktop computer manufacturers are going to close. Who wants a desktop when you can get a laptop with the same specs for similar money?

I also wonder about the future of tablets. My phone does everything a tablet can but on a smaller screen, but, it's more comfortable to hold, more comfortable to type on, fits in my pocket. Pair my phone to some VR glasses that look and feel like regular sunglasses and I could get a cinema screen movie experience via my phone.
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Bethlehem Steel.
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Massive words
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Irish Water.

Just kidding.
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30-07-2020, 02:32   #12
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The days of fast disposable fashion are well numbered. The environmental impact is unjustifiable.
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30-07-2020, 03:13   #13
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Vanderlay industries
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30-07-2020, 04:20   #14
Chinese whospers
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Distilled Media.

* cause I is edgey.
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Controversially...Disney () least in it's current from. Apparently their finances were not all that great before the pandemic, but they are now bleeding cash out of their many closed parks and attractions.

The brand itself would likely prevail for another 50 - 100 years but the corporation itself is now overloaded with the costs of all of the companies they bought in over the past decade, and apparently they may have been dodging taxes for even longer than that. If lockdowns of the parks continue into next year I'd be surprised if we see a complete Disney Corp. by 2030.

Likely broken up and sold off to various parties to settle debts and tax bills. The parks and movie production divisions might continue to exist under the Disney name but in a scaled back form and maybe even owned by another corporation.

Might see similar happen to a lot of other big studios too.
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