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30-07-2020, 22:17   #1
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What Really Scared You As A Child?

When you were young, what were the things that scared you to death?

Monsters under the bed?
The Boogeyman that lived in the wardrobe?
The thunder and lightning on a stormy night?

For me it was skeletons and skulls on particular. Mo matter how many times my mother or older sisters would reassure me as a 7 year old that skeletons were just our own bones and couldnt harm me, I simply did not believe them.

The sight of a skeleton would really frighten me.

There was the poster for a horror film called One Dark Night, it was in the cinemas circa 1982, around the time that ET was released in the silver screen, and just seeing that poster, featuring a decomposed skull like figure in a cloak with his bony hand menacingly reaching out, gave me nightmares.

In my bedroom at night I was terrified this evil figure was just around the corner of the room, ready to kill me.

So what frightened you?

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30-07-2020, 22:18   #3
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X-files theme song
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30-07-2020, 22:19   #4
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Ghostwatch. Was a little older than a “child” though.
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30-07-2020, 22:19   #5
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Father Murphy
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30-07-2020, 22:19   #6
Leg End Reject
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The dark, and what lurked under my bed in the dark.

Death also terrified me.
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30-07-2020, 22:20   #7
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I used to have these existential thoughts/daydreams of a white space filled with clay balls. They varied in size from fit in your hand to unimaginably huge, made me feel irrelevant, I don’t matter because these balls can exist at any size.

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30-07-2020, 22:21   #8
Rodney Bathgate
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The boogie man. Disco dancing twat.

Then there was the bogie man. Covered in other people’s snot.
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30-07-2020, 22:21   #9
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The Witch in 40 Coats
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30-07-2020, 22:22   #10
Doctors room ghost
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The gremlins scared the sh1t out of me.wasnt right for a few days after watching it
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30-07-2020, 22:22   #11
Doctors room ghost
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Also the wolf in the never ending story
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30-07-2020, 22:22   #12
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30-07-2020, 22:22   #13
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My grandfathers ghost stories put the **** crossways in me
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30-07-2020, 22:23   #14
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30-07-2020, 22:23   #15
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