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31-07-2020, 10:08   #76
Insect Overlord
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Originally Posted by Necro View Post
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

They did a great one for the Green Ranger back then as well.

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31-07-2020, 10:17   #77
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Mentioned before, Rockford Files/Ski Sunday.

For your consideration:

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31-07-2020, 10:35   #78
Ger Roe
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The Tomorow People - Complete with Thames TV Ident (very nerdy)..

Thunderbirds - The most iconic of some great themes from Barry Gray - How many times has Thunderbirds March been used in advertising or to portray teamwork and organisation against impossible odds? Still instantly iconic after over 55 years.

Hawaii Five 0 - Just a great piece of music, with what were very exotic opening titles - sun and clear blue seas at a time when the TV was the only place you would see such things if you lived in Ireland.

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31-07-2020, 21:24   #79
Capt'n Midnight
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Danger Mouse 1981

Van der Valk , Eye Level


Closing theme is nowhere near as good

Space 1999 , pity they didn't make a second series

I Want a Film that Begins with an Earthquake and Works Up to a Climax
- attributed to Samuel Goldwyn

That sentiment describes a lot of episodes of Thunderbirds
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31-07-2020, 21:33   #80
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The Sweeney

Hardcastle and McCormick

Simon and Simon

Highlander ( the series)
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31-07-2020, 21:36   #81
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short version of NYPD BLUE
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31-07-2020, 21:46   #82
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Ah there's so many that I always remember. The Marvel cartoons on a saturday morning were great for intro themes.

Some that stick out to me:

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31-07-2020, 21:51   #83
Capt'n Midnight
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Black Beauty

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31-07-2020, 21:51   #84
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31-07-2020, 21:54   #85
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"What Choo Wannt? What Choo Wanna Dooooo? When Da sheriff in town cam runnin' fo you!"

"TELL ME! What Choo Gonna do? What choo gonna Doo-ooo-oooo?"


"Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What Choo Gonna do? What Choo Gonna do when they cam for you?"

Can't remember the name of the show though. Was it Cops? Bad Boys? I'm not sure.
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31-07-2020, 21:56   #86
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Originally Posted by DM_2092 View Post
Can't remember the name of the show though. Was it Cops? Bad Boys? I'm not sure.
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31-07-2020, 22:01   #87
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Has anyone mentioned Doug yet? Excellent theme song to an excellent cartoon
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31-07-2020, 22:25   #88
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Late to the game here but I'm going to throw Van der Valk into the mix, more for the nostalgia than my actual fave - plenty of those mentioned already.
Edit, can't embed here sorry..
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01-08-2020, 01:46   #89
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Rockford Files : This got a few mentions, it deserves a You Tube

And Mannix, another cool PI Guy

Kojak - The Second Theme, Series 5 (1977)

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01-08-2020, 02:05   #90
Joe_ Public
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One of my favourite ever tv shows and theme tune was Taxi. Just that simple evocative tune over the picture of a cab crossing over the 69th street bridge. Just got me everytime and still does.
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