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18-06-2019, 14:21   #1
Strawberry Milkshake
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Ana Kriegel - Boys A & B found guilty [Mod: Do NOT post identifying information]


Rot in hell, scum


Please do not post information that identifies the perpetrators or their families, this will result in an immediate permanent ban, also do not ask to have the details pm'ed to you, evading court bans are illegal and we simply can't have that here. This applies until the court lifts the ban.

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I am absolutely elated at the verdict.

What absolutely broke my heart was when Ana’s mother said that she knew something was wrong when she came home and learned that Ana had gone out with two boys, because in all the years of her life no one had ever called for her, no one had ever knocked in to ask her to play and she had no friends. The poor, poor girl.

Seeing her happy, smiley and absolutely beautiful face in all of the coverage has been just tragic. The whole thing just seems so absolutely senseless and pointless.
What an absolute waste of three young lives.

Depressing to think that such young teenagers could be behind such brutality.

I think the prosecution summed it up well when they said in closing argument;
“Boy A was like a child caught eating biscuits, with chocolate all around his mouth still insisting “no it wasn’t me”
I would say the delay in deliberations was mostly due to boy B.

I don’t think I’ve ever willed a verdict to be the correct one as much as this in my life, RIP Ana. I’m thankful justice was served for you.
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They are reading out the findings on the radio now. I have purposefully avoided news about this trial for the most part and hearing the details now it's just horrible. Absolutely horrible. That poor girl.

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Will they be named?
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18-06-2019, 14:23   #5
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Originally Posted by Strawberry Milkshake View Post
RIP Anna

Rot in hell, scum
From what I read, it was the only conviction I could forsee.

R.I.P Ana. It was a pity your young new life in Ireland had to end so prematurely, so abruptly, and so needlessly.
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18-06-2019, 14:24   #6
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I've been following this and the details of the murder are horrific. It's mad to think that two boys were responsible for this.
I'm glad the trial is over. It might bring a tiny bit of closure to her parents.
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18-06-2019, 14:24   #7
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Also broke my heart about how she was adopted from Russia at the age of 2 and brought here for a better life. Poor girl.
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Bad enough to have murdered her but to add insult they lied through their teeth and their parents went along with it.

Adding lies upon lies. Nobody was fooled.

Awful to have put the victims parents and family through such a terrible trial

Shame on the murderers and also the parents of these scum

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Originally Posted by Buttonftw View Post
Will they be named?
Nah, never.
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18-06-2019, 14:24   #10
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Originally Posted by Buttonftw View Post
Will they be named?
Probably never. Despite what they did they are children.
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18-06-2019, 14:25   #11
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Originally Posted by Beechwoodspark View Post
Awful to have put the parents through such terrible trial

Shame on the parents of these scum
We don't know all of the details of these boys' background yet. That's a bit unfair.
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18-06-2019, 14:25   #12
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What sentences will they get as minors?
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18-06-2019, 14:25   #13
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I can't imagine how heartbreaking a murder trial is for the victims family members.

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18-06-2019, 14:25   #14
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If Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were pictured and named as James Bulger's killers, will this happen in Ireland?

They were only ten
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