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21-12-2020, 09:52   #16
Doctor DooM
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Spoiler: Oooh of course! Sorry, I always get confused with the two, Time wars is a follow on :)
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Earthrise now available on Netflix. Note that it's treated as a separate show so won't show up under the first chapter
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01-01-2021, 10:43   #18
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Spoiler: So Galvatron is a future Megatron, and is apparently enslaved by Unicron, so wants to help Megatron change history.

They land on pre-historic Earth, but the raptor is already Cybertronian, so have the future Maximals and Predacons already crashed on Earth, and are in the middle of the Beast Wars, or will it be the AllSpark has created them?

Unless they somehow McGuffin it, Elita has to be dead.

Megatron appeared to have some affection for her, so maybe that will play in to his character in Kingdom.

Liked what they did with the Quintesson.

This really needs to be longer than six twenty minute episodes. It's very Rise of Skywalker like. This happens, then this happens, then this happens with no pause for breath, and not enough character building.
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09-01-2021, 15:44   #19
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Watched both seasons back to back over the last few days and found it rather meh. The voice acting just feels off and the time it takes for certain characters (Optimus) to say anything, is like listening to paint dry. The story drags and it's almost like the writers took an old G1 cartoon episodes plot and stretched it over half a dozen episodes.
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