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16-03-2020, 23:03   #31
Day Lewin
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Is this rumour true, that anti-inflammatories like aspirin and Nurofen make you more prone to the virus?
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16-03-2020, 23:23   #32
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Just seen this pic online. Does it frustrate you that people are making up stuff and posting on social media?
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16-03-2020, 23:27   #33
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Not a question, just a very sincere thank you to you and all of your colleagues globally who are working around the clock to keep the rest of us going.
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17-03-2020, 00:28   #34
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Can you explain the 15 minute in contact time?
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17-03-2020, 00:36   #35
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Originally Posted by humberklog View Post
Whenever my mate is asked what he does for a living he says "Doctor". He's an Ed. D (Dr. of Education) and does indeed work in this field (Adult education). Does it get your goat when you hear people claiming to be a doctor when their field is non med/psych?
Like the dentist on that movie?
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17-03-2020, 00:48   #36
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My child who is asthmatic is complaining with sore throat and nausea tonight.
Should I be worried?
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17-03-2020, 00:50   #37
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Oops, posted in the wrong thread.
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17-03-2020, 00:54   #38
Fann Linn
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What happens after you've self isolated for the 14 days after testing positive?
Have you built up an immuninty?
Could you catch it again?

And a big well done to all in emergency services and the HSE.
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17-03-2020, 01:18   #39
The Voice of Reason
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Best of luck over the coming days, weeks and months.

Are the HSE trying experimental treatments ala South Korea and China? I'm referencing chloroquine here and some of the old HIV drugs that have been mentioned.
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17-03-2020, 01:28   #40
Andrew H
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I work in the public service as a Clerical Officer and there are rumours that we will be sent home on Friday. Is there any way I can volunteer to help out?
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17-03-2020, 01:46   #41
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Thanks for doing this and for your service now and in the coming crisis. Can’t imagine what it must be like for you all but I’m truly grateful.

Can I ask if it’s true that “mile symptoms” can actually be like a nasty pneumonia, so while it’s medically mild it could really knock people back?

At what stage should a person contact the emergency services for help? What fever in adult and if they find it hard to breath?

Would keeping track of BP and Oxegen levels help emergency services decide whether you need hospitalisation? (Oximeter readings)

Asides from being tested will a lot of people with “mild symptoms” possibly not ever know that they had the disease unless for some reason they are tested? Is it possible in the future to be tested to see if you had it or have antibodies?
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17-03-2020, 02:20   #42
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For individuals who experience mild symptoms to the point they may not even know they've contracted it (and presumably develop immunity afterwards), will testing be available to them at some stage? And would those tests show that the virus had been present but overcome?

It would be ideal if everyone who's had this knew about it, they could stop social distancing and help the vulnerable and those in need of care?
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17-03-2020, 04:08   #43
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In your opinion, which will peak first? Covid-19, or threads about Covid-19?
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17-03-2020, 04:47   #44
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Drugs to treat malaria and arthritis have been showing positive signs in treatment. Will these be available in Ireland if required?

Thank you for your help in uncharted territories. Keep safe.
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17-03-2020, 04:58   #45
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Originally Posted by KKV View Post
Whats the reason for that out of curiousity? Are all AMAs following that approach from here on? (just seems a tad strange? I presume it's to make the answers easier for people to read?)
I requested it specifically and were kind enough to oblige.

I am doing this because I hope that the information I post will be helpful to people.

The more accessible it is the more helpful it will be therefore I requested this format so answers would be accessible in a single thread without a myriad of other comments, jokes etc. I'm fine with them in the questions thread but I want the Answers thread to have the maximum accessibility possible.
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