Help us donate money to your favourite charity

Do you wish you could do more for charity?
Do you have a favourite charity you'd like to give money to?
We have an easy way you can achieve both of these things, without costing you a penny.

Tell your company's HR team about this website.
If they signup and post a job advert, we'll donate the entire job posting fee to the charity of your choice.
Just let us know when they've made the job posting, and we'll make the donation for you.

What you need to know
We're Ireland's #1 regional recruiter.
We have a job website for every county in Ireland - from Antrim to Kerry. (Full list here).
When you post a job advert on our websites, you can post it on one, some, or all of them. There's no extra charge.
You can keep your job advert online for 30 days, and edit it as often as you'd like.
All job applicants are e-mailed to you, and also stored online in your account.

€75 - 1 job advert
€135 - 2 job adverts
€300 - 5 job adverts
€525 - 10 job adverts
€900 - 20 job adverts
€1,875 - 50 job adverts

Need more information?
If you have any questions, you can contact us at or (01) 44 33 888.

This offer is valid until December 31, 2018.