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08-02-2019, 11:25   #16
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Originally Posted by Mark View Post
Mod Note: Just going to jump in to say that this thread should be used to pose questions to our guest. The thread in After Hours would be better suited for general discussion:
I have a general question for our guest, viz. "Do you think that wage increases are the Wrong Thing(TM) and won't solve the actual problems of overwork and short-staffing?"
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08-02-2019, 11:30   #17
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Originally Posted by Bummer1234 View Post
Have you ever worked abroad or ever been tempted on going abroad?
Just to add, if so, how did the role compare to the job in Ireland? Conditions? Levels of responsibility?
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08-02-2019, 11:33   #18
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Originally Posted by jimgoose View Post
I have a general question for our guest, viz. "Do you think that wage increases are the Wrong Thing(TM) and won't solve the actual problems of overwork and short-staffing?"
i would like to see how a nurse thinks wage increases will fix anything as well
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08-02-2019, 11:47   #19
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Hello. Do you think school leavers today regard Nursing as an attractive profession to enter and does it still have the same kind of status as a job that it had twenty or thirty years ago particularly among those from rural Ireland?
Also, would you say that there are a sufficient number of nurses graduating each year to fill the available number of positions in the public health service?
Finally, sorry for being so long winded, approximately how many of your colleagues are a) male and b) non - Irish?
Thank you.
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08-02-2019, 11:50   #20
Tell me how
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Do you think it was a good idea to do an AMA at this time when considerations of nurses are heavily influenced by the ongoing strike?

Was that a motivation in doing the AMA?
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08-02-2019, 11:52   #21
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Why do you think striking for more pay will solve understaffing issues, where in fact it does the opposite, it increases the opex on existing salaries reducing the number of further staff that can be hired.
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08-02-2019, 12:50   #22
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Is it true most nurses are really living in poverty. I follow a nurse on instagram and she's constantly posting with her colleagues pics of nights out/holidays etc.

How can nurses expect restoration of pay without everyone else in the public sector getting theirs aswell. Do nurses really think the country can afford it.
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08-02-2019, 13:06   #23
Do Not Be Afraid.....
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Why do you believe you deserve more money now when your Union signed up to the current wage agreement?

If the government give you more money, you'll have all the other Unions crying me too! So why do you believe you deserve more money than all your public service colleagues? Why not look for increased staffing levels which will lighten your load?
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08-02-2019, 13:11   #24
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Assuming that there's only so much money to go round, and that we can't magic up some more of it to give nurses a pay rise, has the INMO or anybody else ever done a detailed proposal as to where money could be found to fund a pay raise?

If so, what exact cuts or budget freezes would it entail in the other areas that would be affected?
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08-02-2019, 13:12   #25
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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
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08-02-2019, 13:25   #26
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Hello. Do you think the HSE is inefficient?

What do you think can be done to help keep nurses trained here from going abroad?

Do you think the location of the new children's hospital is a good place for it or do you think a greenfield site might have been better?
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08-02-2019, 13:30   #27
Mantis Toboggan
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How awful is the HSE and should it be done away with?
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08-02-2019, 13:35   #28
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Do you think that the money issue has consumed the current action going on? What the nurses want is much more important than just a wage but that is being lost by the demand for a salary increase .

Would it be best if we introduce a mandatory term of service for those going into nursing which can be bought out at any time? That way we could address the amount of nurses goong abroad and servicing other countries off the back of our tax payer.
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08-02-2019, 13:40   #29
John Hutton
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Do you think the questions here are rabidly right wing and anti worker in comparison to your experiences on the picket line and dealing with the public in general?

Good luck with the strike
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08-02-2019, 13:47   #30
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You certainly can't be accused of being a chatterbox anyway nurse!
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