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01-08-2012, 11:01   #1
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Some Rules... Read 'em before you post please

Here ye go..

The Rules of the brand new Triathlon/Duathlon/Adventure Racing Forum

Description of the Forum
This Forum is for the discussion of anything got to do with triathlon, multi sports, duathlon , adventure racing and heck even former ART topics are welcome!


Splitting the Forum into many sub fora detracts from the life of the Forum. Training logs may migrate eventually. However, for Events (see rules), selling stuff (again see rules) and Gear, we use tagging. Its easy. When you post a new thread, just put one of the following tags at the beginning of the title as appropriate.
[FS] - if you are selling something
[Event]- If wish to discuss a particular event **
[Gear] - To discuss the latest lycra products “go faster” technology

The Rules
1. No personal Abuse. It is simply not tolerated and will lead to warnings first, then a week ban. Please respect your fellow poster.
2. No Medical Advice. Its a Boards wide restriction and Modded with a heavy hand. Thread seeking advice on what to do with injuries will be locked.
3. Selling stuff, please adhere to the following rules. Failure to comply them will result in the thread being deleted.
- Begin your thread with the [FS] tag
- Only off something for sale if you have a minimum of 25 posts on boards and they haven’t all been posted in the last 5 minutes! Basically if you have signed up with the sole intention of markeing or sales, forget about it!
- Private sales only – zero commercial selling (this also goes for banner links to products)
- No bumping of the thread or reposting an advert. One post and then legitimate responses to legitimate queries only
- accepts no responsibility for trading resulting from adverts placed here
4. Selling Race Entries: If you are looking for or selling an entry, please check with the race organisers first that transfers are allowed. PM the link or email that states this to the Mods before you post a new thread. Threads that do not comply will be locked.
5. No Doping Talk. Basically allegation, insinuation or speculation about who may or may not have/be doping is forbidden. Keep the discussion objective and the thread may continue, albeit under close watch.
6. Underage Athletes. Unless you are the Parent or Coach of the athlete, please refrain from subjective discussion. Please feel free to report a post that you feel is inappropriate
7. Charity recruitment & fundraising is not allowed. If you wish to introduce a Charity in your thread or link to one in your signature, thats fine. Ask for donation and the thread will be locked. If unsure check with a Mod.
8. Prepare to be Called Out! If you rock up to the Forum and claim to have won X or Coach person Y to win X, you may be called out for validation. Particularly if you are a new poster. The spectrum of knowledge and experience on the Forum is significant. Likewise if you undermine the goals or performance of others, prepare to be called out by a peer or a Mod.
9. Events: If you wish to announce a new event please use this thread. Your post may be consolidated into a calender at the Mod discretion. If you wish to discuss an event please begin your thread with the [Event] tag. Unfortunately the discussion of some events within the sphere of multi sport is banned and related threads may be locked.

Latest Edit
Recommendation beyond policies or practices:
Ignore Button: If there is someone on this forum you personally dislike, or frequently makes comments that you personally dislike (that do not specifically violate this charter), simply click on their user name, and when the menu opens, select the ignore option. Problem solved.

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Originally Posted by shotgunmcos View Post
I can't see them, therefore i can't be blamed due to ignorance
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01-08-2012, 13:05   #4
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That should probably be a regular link instead of an image tag, but the resource at the other end isn't opening anyway
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01-08-2012, 18:40   #5
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Still getting 'resource unavailable' from google docs
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