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Dental Plan!
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Charter, FAQ & Common/Popular Threads **UPDATED 8-11-2013***


We all love pets, and we love to talk about them and that's why this forum is here. But remember, there are some simple rules:

This board is intended for the discussion of;
- the ownership of all pets (ie feeding, care etc.),
- help with locating pets of all kinds
- general discussion about pets and animals, their general welfare and animal-related topics.

Forum-Specific Rules
- No discussing illegal or violent activities - be these carried out by individuals or extremists.
- Advocating cruelty to animals or humans will be harshly dealt with*
-Suggesting any method of killing any pet will result in a permanent ban from the forum. The ban will be issued without any warning given.

- No discussion of militant animal rights organisations or their activities.
- Discussion of bloodsports (including hunting with dogs, hare-coursing and carted stag hunting) is upsetting to many users of this fourm, threads on these topics will be locked or moved to the appropriate forum. The hunting forum can be found here and the angling forum is here
- Discussion of vermin/population control other than neutering of pet animals, regardless of species, is not permitted in this forum. More suitable forums might include Farming and Forestry/Smallholdings.
- Do not libel individuals or companies-(see special note below).
- No animal sales, no selling items, no animal studs.
- No spamming, no advertising, no 'pimping' your wares/services etc, no illegal material, and no posting of NSFW items.
- No linking to site advertisements.
- No fundraising/soliciting.
- No Linking to Donedeal or other advertising site in order to complain about advertisements. Complaining directly to the site in question might be a better way to voice your opinion.
- Soapboxing will not be tolerated **
- No cross-posting complaining about the forum/moderation team on either other boards fora or other fora unrelated to
- Dragging threads off-topic, cross-posting, arguing with mods on-thread, disruptive behaviour in general, back-seat modding etc. will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with a Moderator's actions, PM them or seek guidance from a CMod (humanji, The Hill Billy)
-Users should not respond to trolls or allow themselves be provoked into responding by another user.Report the post instead of responding. Users that respond to trolls instead of using the report button will be infracted for their response.
-Users that question a modding decision on thread will receive a Red Card for a first offence and a 1 week ban for a second. A third offence will be result in a permanent ban from the forum.

**Soapboxing : pushing an agenda that is not the sole concern/query of the OP. It also refers to any poster pushing the same agenda consistently/ spouting their beliefs over others. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but no one wants it in their face all the time.

Remember :

Negative behaviour will result in infractions & bans.
Positive behaviour will result in a better forum for all.


If you are an agency or affiliated with an agency then please let the mods know before you post. Agencies are no longer allowed to post in an agency manner or with an agency agenda. This means no linking to your own sites for rehoming or other agency work. No spamming your agency or associated material, and also no speculation/libel against other agencies/rescues.***
The mods will be contacting individuals with an agency in their name in the next few days asking them to change their username to a neutral one that shows no affilation with an agency/rescue group/petshop/training group etc.

No recommendations, links to, or discussion of the activities of individual rescues. - By PM only.

Special Notes
If you are posting about an injured/sick animal or pet do not assume any advice or links to "possible causes" given on this forum are the answer to your problem. Any injured or sick animal should be taken to a vet asap, neither or any of its members can be held responsible for any advice given on this forum causing harm to any person or animal.

Treat people how you wish to be treated, rudeness/swearing/abuse will not be tolerated.

Please use the report post function to report suspect threads/posts/abuse -please do not respond to them.

Also if for some reason you get a post edited by a Moderator, do not re-edit the moderators changes.

If you have an animal you wish to rehome, you must use the one-off rehoming thread. New threads will be moved or deleted.

Please be wary of rehoming scams, there have been issues in the past where people are rehoming for their own benefit and providing false details/false papers etc.
Anyone who is involved in this type of scam will be permanently banned from Boards. And anyone has been a victim of this scam could they please any of the mods with the details.

Penalties & Dispute Resolution

Thread closure, warnings/infractions/banning is at the discretion of the mods - any issues regarding that or other things, PM any of us or please pm that mod and if you are unsatisfied contact the CMod, and failing them being able to help - take it to helpdesk.
Current CMods - humanji, The Hill Billy.
Please do not argue on thread with a mod decision - if you are unhappy with an action taken, there is a sitewide process here

A Special Note on Libel/Defamation

There is no free speech on this forum
Any defamatory statements against an individual or company will result in a permanent ban for all those involved. We don't care what other sites allow or not.

- What is libel/defamation?
A defamation is basically any statement about a person or an organisation (private, public, NGO, non-profit, whatever), which would damage the reputation of that person/organisation in the eyes of others.

- Is it OK if the statement is true?
Yes and no. A statement is only legally "true" if you can back it up with evidence.

- What kind of evidence is acceptable?

Official reports filed by other organisations (with links, etc)*
Statements by the company themselves*
Any other evidence which can be shown in print and which is not subject to interpretation*

- What is not "evidence"?
Hearsay - "I know someone who", "I heard that", "My mate was told that..."*
Your personal opinion*
Anything else which you cannot supply via upload or web link*

- Why is this such a big deal?
Someone who has a damaging comment made about them is entitled to to seek redress for any damage caused by that comment. as the publisher may be legally liable, and you as the author are also legally liable

- What will happen on boards if I say something defamatory?
If you cannot back it up with hard evidence, it will be deleted. If you develop a pattern or a habit of it, you will be banned from the forum permanently.

- Is there anything specific I should look out for?
Yes, this list is definitely not exhaustive:
1. Accusing any person or organisation of puppy-farming
2. Accusing any person or organisation of being associated with puppy-farming
3. Discrediting the legitimacy/authority of any person or organisation
4. Accusing a person or organisation of immoral practices or practices which they claim not to engage in.
5. Accusing any person or organisation of engaging in cruelty towards animals.

We would also ask all posters to be vigilant and report defamation (or even possible defamation) when you see it. If you're unsure, report it; better safe than sorry. Ultimately the availability of this forum is dependent on civil and legal discourse. If we fail in either regard, we're gone.

Please help to make this forum a place you want to be part of.
Finally all posters should be familiar with the
General FAQ/Site rules

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Dental Plan!
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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

This section contains a list of threads which are FAQ's or otherwise useful links. These may be actual lists of questions or simply links to threads where a typical question has been asked. If a topic has no link it means we're looking for one! If you would like to start or add an FAQ or otherwise think something here should be amended, please PM a mod. It would be very appreciated!


List of Irish Animals Shelters & Rescues

What to do if you have Lost or Found a Pet
See here

What to do if you find an injured wild animal:

Veterinary Practices open to the public on Bank Holiday Weekends:

Animal Law in Ireland


Irish Kennel Club List of Registered Breeders

Why do people keep Rottweilers & Pitbulls? (or: are Restricted Breeds dangerous?)

Should I dock my dog's tail?

Why do some people recommend rescues instead of breeders?

Am I required to have my dog on a lead?

Should I spay my dog?

How do I stop my dog barking?

Dog Body Language: How to to tell what your dog is trying to tell you:

Dog/Pet-friendly hotels:

Dog food recommendations

BARF/RAW diet threads

FAQs on designer breed, labradoodles, etc

Dog Training techniques

Tips when buying a purebreed dog in Ireland


Cat food recommendations

Should I put my cat out at night?

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Dental Plan!
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Useful and/or popular threads

Bargain Alerts

Barry/Franknfurter - Condolences Thread

Care Sheets

Guide to worming and ectoparasiticides 2013

Rehoming Thread (for posting rehoming requests)

The Chillout Zone

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Right Ive had enough of this and people advocating killing animals.
You can have a one week ban from the forum.
And from here on in its an instant ban of one week for the first offence and then a permanent ban for the second.No warnings will be given.
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How to Embed photos in a thread

Embedding means making your photo visible in a thread like this:

There are lots of websites and ways to do it, but the easiest and the 2 I use are and

Steps 1-2 using (easy peasy)

Step 3: Copy your link like so

Step 5: Back to Boards and the thread you're posting in

Step 6: Taa dah!! Your image is embedded in your post

This is one of the easiest wesbsites to us. is also another good website (especially for resizing), but a bit more effort because you have to create an account but is my image uploading website of choice. is also good for resizing, and is also an account-based site.

Good luck!

Edited to add:
Speaking of resizing, when you're posting a pic, could you please choose an image size of no greater than 640 x 480... anything bigger than this is HUGE for a chat forum, and melts people's phones and computers if they've a slow connection.

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