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19-07-2010, 16:39   #61
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Originally Posted by jason99 View Post
New to this thread.
giving up smokes today.going cold turkey.
any tips????
Hey Jason 99 good on ya, thats what I did. Just think positively. The first couple of weeks are quite hard, because you have to remember not to smoke. I know that sounds a little silly, but its the habit you have to break first of all and then the rest will come naturally. Good luck
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31-08-2010, 11:09   #62
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Nicotine also suppresses the appetite, which is one of the main reasons why many women are not keen on giving up smoking. They assume that they will eat more, which will consequently lead to gaining a lot of weight. Once smokers become dependant on nicotine, they may experience strong physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms if they try to give up. These symptoms may include irritability, dizziness, anxiety, headaches, lack of concentration, disturbed sleeping patterns, feelings of anger, depression, tiredness as well as incredible cravings for more nicotine.

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07-09-2010, 21:23   #63
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So how's everyone managing with staying off the smokes??
What I use to do as soon as I got a craving was to stop everything, down tools and go for a walk. So that walking became my new addiction and the healthier I got the less chance there was of me inflicting tobacco, tar or nicotine on my body ever again.
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03-01-2011, 16:06   #64
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I have recently stopped smoking-2 weeks now-and this last week has been pretty bad for me in that I am experiencing flu-like symptoms-waking up in a cold sweat with fever and headaches and a tightness in the lungs.I am pretty sure it is NOT the flu I am suffering from as the process of my symptoms is unusual to me.I am hoping it is just my lungs trying to expel some junk that may be lodged there,but wondering how long this detox is to last!One good thing is that I definately DONT feel like a cigarette-if I did I feel my lungs might collapse for sure.Any advice anyone!?
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03-01-2011, 16:40   #65
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only advise is to stick with it. It lasted for me for about a month but man did I feel great when it stopped my lungs where never as clear! congrat's on kicking the habit
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03-01-2011, 16:50   #66
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Originally Posted by blackberer View Post
Any advice anyone!?
A surgeon once told me that when you smoke you suppress the growth of tiny hairs inside your windpipe. These hairs grow back once you stop smoking and can become lodging places for cold and flu viruses.
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03-01-2011, 17:09   #67
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Originally Posted by sharky86 View Post
only advise is to stick with it. It lasted for me for about a month but man did I feel great when it stopped my lungs where never as clear! congrat's on kicking the habit
Thanks,as I said before and not really expecting-the last thing I want at the mo is a cigarette-looking forward to that better feeling!!
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03-01-2011, 21:41   #68
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Thread for those who've just quit...

blackberer - - "Post for everyone who QUIT evil fags" has a good few newly quit like yourselves.....
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28-01-2011, 22:46   #69
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I read that it is harder to come off the fags than it is class a's!!! I really wish i hadnt started smoking....biggest regret of my life!! Trying to quit is the hardest thing. i tried Champix and they worked for about a week and then i went on holiday and started up again. Oh well when the times right the times right i suppose.
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03-08-2011, 21:49   #70
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tried champix. stayed off for a month or so. but suffered serious nightmares, cold sweats and mood swings. would not recommend them to anyone. trying to get myself ready to go cold turkey this time.
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04-08-2011, 00:17   #71
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gave up smokin countless times. Off them four weeks again. I always go back on them when drinking. So it seems the trick is not to drink again?
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05-08-2011, 13:00   #72
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Originally Posted by jobeenfitz View Post
gave up smokin countless times. Off them four weeks again. I always go back on them when drinking. So it seems the trick is not to drink again?
Same boat, this is my 3rd attempt and each time I went back before was because I was drinking. This time I've decided to quit drinking for a minimum of 3 months and it has made giving up so much easier than the previous times. 4 weeks this week too

Can't really afford drinking at the mo anyway and have to say I don't miss it.
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05-10-2011, 12:10   #73
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hi all,
I'm off the fags now nearly two year,i am not looking to put any one off but i didn't see all the positive effects to giving them up except that i am proud to say that i managed it cold turkey and on my first go after 18 years of smoking.
I don't feel healthier as i have put on a stone and can feel it and this is not due to replacing fags with food, nothing in my diet has changed!
AND i still have problems sleeping, Did u ever have that experience of falling just before u fall asleep, this happens about ten times before i get asleep every night. Its horrible and i rarely had that sensation before i gave up. i also wake up more and sleep lighter than i did before! None of this is due to the fact that i want a fag, as the though of smoking a fag would make me feel ill now. I'm not craving smoking, I'm just not the same as i was before.
OH and i really miss the social aspect of going for a fag. you go for a night out and wind up by your self most of the night cause everyone forgets to come back from the smoking area!
Sometimes i do think being a ex smoker really sucks!
So sorry guys but giving up smoking and staying off them is one thing but living without them is another!
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17-06-2013, 08:33   #74
Eli Nich
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I am not a alcohol user but surely a smoker for past some years and you really posted a great thing (Y)

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17-06-2013, 17:59   #75
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Just noticed I have a post here from two years ago, was off the fags four weeks at that post. Cant remember how long I stayed off them on that occasion.

I am off the smokes again since last Tuesday.(6days).

I have given up smoking hundreds of times. Its mostly for health reason.
Smoking is a horrible habbit but there is just something about them that you just love. I usually give them up for about three to four weeks at a time. On some occasions I can last months off them and on one occasion was off them for two years.

It is usually when I drink I go back on the smokes. I always give up drinking for a while when quitting smokes and probably could remain quit if I didn't drink. I don't want to give up drinking forever so I honestly don't think I can remain a non-smoker.

Before I gave up smoking this time I cut down to about five smokes a day by topping the cig three or four times.

Everybody is different. Some people try, and succeed on the first occasion, others like me constantly battle.

I see a lot of people about five to ten years older than me (I'm fifty) and they are struggling to walk without getting out of breath. I don't want to be like that. I am still fairly fit for my age and hope the fear can help me succeed this time.

One of the big problems imo are family functions, plenty of drink. I have a Daughter getting married in September and a grandson getting christianed soon. These will be big tests if I get that far.

I think the battle against nicotene is different for us all. I have never used anything to give up smoking except will-power. Giving up smoking is not all that hard for me, its staying off them is the problem.

Hopefully I can post here next year saying how fekn great it is to be a year off them.
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