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Thats not really making a claim for the dog here. From a cats point of view that's just stupid. Courageous and spirited but stupid all the same.
Maybe, but that's why every single civilisation worthy of the name had dogs and humans have had dogs around for tens of thousands of years. We quite literally wouldn't be human without them. Cats are much more of an afterthought in the the story. They did find favour in keeping rodents away from grain in farming civilisations, though even there dogs make better ratters. Though because of that "afterthought" in the modern western world cats fit in far better around many people's hectic schedules.

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I'm more of a dog person but recently I was seduced by a cat who'd lost his owner. He lavished love and attention on me until I made him permanent, now he doesn't just ignore me, he actively despises me and doesn't even try to hide it.
Had similar last year. Cat showed up all whiny and plaintive. Gave it a bit of food and seemed to be fine and friendly, then after a while went a bit odd and twitchy. Hissed at me one day and then thought it would have a bit of a strop claws out time. In my gaff? Eh no. Shown the door and told to go away and to its credit it did.

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Don't get me wrong - I like dogs - ut dogs are like yor friend's kid who's got Downe's Syndrome. Lovely, sweet, little kid but would you give him the keys to drive home...?