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28-03-2017, 11:17   #226
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Originally Posted by Lt Dan View Post
Here the myth has to be busted once and for all

Yes, many people in Mosney have been in Mosney for years


Many of them are lawfully FAILED ASYLUM SEEKERS - so the Directive is irrelevant once cases go to the Leave to Remain stage
Which puts a different slant on it. I wondered if there was something being left out there...

And the thing about religion in Irish schools. The proof is in the pudding, and we're far from a nation of zealots. The lapsed or a la carte catholic is the most common kind.

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Lt Dan
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Originally Posted by Widdershins View Post
Which puts a different slant on it. I wondered if there was something being left out there...
Of course there is.

Why do you think there are such such delays? Some of which is the State's fault btw. Lousy Court cases stalling progress in the case reaching its natural end ie Rejection
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Originally Posted by Lt Dan View Post
The only one who has questionable comprehension and reading ability is you!

I asked a question. I asked you to specify these rights after you said Why did I ask the question? Because (a) You failed to read what the poster actually said! (b) I knew you are waffling

Your statement was the following.

"Originally Posted by Grayson View Post
They have rights. They still have both human rights and civil rights. Even animals have rights in this country. To say they have no rights is a gross misunderstanding of what rights are."

Your statements was in response to this statement by Kaiser, which you horrendously interpreted

"These "refugees" are here at the goodwill of the Irish State, to give them shelter from war and persecution in their homelands.

They HAVE no "rights" to anything beyond this. Anything they receive is at the expense and charity of their hosts and surely people fleeing death and torture would be grateful of a warm bed, safe place to stay, and guaranteed meals?

They are not citizens of this country or indeed Europe and they are (or should be!) here only only on a temporary basis until it's safe to send them home.

If they don't like that, or don't like the locale or the culture, or they feel they have "entitlements", then they're always free to leave for a country more in-line with their beliefs and expectations."

Your response to Kaiser was a bland generalization. Waffle. Kaiser, to whom you were responding to DID NOT SAY THAT REFUGEES HAD NO RIGHTS AT ALL!

The weakness in Kaiser's argument of course was to suggest that BEYOND the RIGHT to protection and to life (ie applying for asylum) the refugee had very few other rights. That is not correct of course, but, you were wrong and down right stupid to state that Kaiser had said or was of the view that refugees had no rights at all. He never said that
I think you need to take a break. The poster said they had no rights beyond the right to food and shelter. There's a rake of human rights that they have both under UN and ECHR agreements that we signed.
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This thread is now closed. It's turned into a thread and discussion on immigration....and a dollop of in-fighting.
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