The Basque armed group ETA has announced they are going to decommission all their arms in a fortnight's time which is definitely a positive move in an area whose political conflict has many similarities with the one we had in Ireland (and obviously many differences too.) With a bit of luck the Spanish government will respond in a positive manner and they can have some sort of a peace process there too, I know that many people over there look to us as an example in that regard.

I'm off to the Basque Country myself in six weeks, I've been a few times now and I'd say it's actually my favourite part of the world. Fascinating people and culture, beautiful towns and cities and probably the best food you'll find south of the Pyrenees with the French Basque area like Biarritz being stunning as well. The scenery is amazing too in place and fierce varied for the size of the place. Has anyone else been?