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Well theres no recordings of the likes of the likes of O'Connell, Pearse, Carson, Larkin, Connolly etc... So I can only go on what I've heard.

I liked Seamus Costello & Bernadette Devlin of the Irish left.

I liked Ruari O'Bradaigh & Martin Galvin on the Republican side, I never really taught McGuinness or Adams were very good orators, good debaters but not orators. I liked Tommy Mckearney (1980 Hunger Striker).

I loved David Norris's speech in the Senate in 2014 on the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine.
There have been very few notable Republican, or indeed Irish for that matter, in the last fifty years. It's important not to confuse someone making a good point or argument with good oratory skills. Tommy McKearney for example speaks well and always has a good point or argument (his articles in the communist parties monthly papers are very good) but I wouldn't describe him as a great orator.