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Originally Posted by steve_ View Post
Dobrze, dziekuje. Riobie ciagle postepy.
Świetnie! Jakieś plany na weekend?
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Cześć Steve!
Powodzenia w nauce!
W Trinity College prowadzą lekcje polskiego i innych słowiańskich języków. Pewnie mają też podręczniki.
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When I was learning Czech, I made the most progress by going to one on one lessons with a teacher. Thankfully it was paid for by the company I was working for. I'd recommend this and will be doing the same for Polish, once I figure out where I will be living.

Get an actual teacher, not just a friend who says they will teach you Polish, because a teacher will have a plan and materials and experience.

Check the colleges, they will be starting classes around now.
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My advice would be not to concentrate too much on the grammar side.
Polish grammar is very difficult for beginners and I think it could discourage you you from learning.
I'd start with some greetings, basic words, basic sentences words and phrases like I want ( ja chce), ja ide do... ( I'm going to) , I was ( ja bylem) etc, etc.
Once you have a feeling that you are ok with basics and you can understand Polish people talking to you, then I'd start with grammar.
As you know there are 16 tenses in English, but if you know and use 5 of them you will say everything you need. In Polish there are only 3 main tenses, but many words conjugate and create completely different meaning of the sentence, so you need to know all the rules and exceptions before you can talk properly.

One simple example would be adjective green (zielony)
no matter what the sentence is you always say green
in Polish - zielony, zielona zielonemu, zielonej, zielonego, zielonej, zielonym, zielone etc - and this is with almost every adjective.

so before you get deep into the grammar, make sure you know words and just basic phrases.
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