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20-10-2010, 22:37   #721
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Originally Posted by happygoose View Post
Down the M1, onto the M50, take the Blanchardstown (N3) exit, head towards the city, you'll hit the Halfway House roundabout, turn right there then head into the Phoenix Park, down Chesterfield Ave., onto Parkgate St., down the quays, drop him there and he's only 1km from the start.

Won't there be restrictions on most of the route you mention or do they not start till much later ?
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20-10-2010, 22:43   #722
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Originally Posted by robinph View Post
What about Google Lattitude?
Yeah, that's another good option. Probably easier to setup than instamapper and they have badges that can be shared so you can embed a map of your location on another website.
Nice thing about instamapper is they show a trail of your last x number of locations, not sure if latitude has that.

Originally Posted by plodder View Post
I just tried it out with the OH's iphone and it seems to work. Not sure about carrying the damn thing round the marathon course though. Wouldn't like it to get wet/damaged.
I put mine in a plastic bag and then into a waistbag thingy that I'm gonna bring.

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20-10-2010, 22:48   #723
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I think lattitude does have historical loggin of your position if you turn it on. I've not looked at it though, but if you go to and click on the History tab there are some things you can turn on there.
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20-10-2010, 22:53   #724
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Originally Posted by Peckham View Post
Nope, that's a perfectly normal sign for tapering. You'll probably still feel sluggish at the weekend, so don't worry about it. In fact, even walking to the start of the race you'll still have doubts about your ability to hold your planned marathon pace for 26 miles....but as soon as you start running, you'll realise how easy marathon pace feels. In fact, it'll probably feel too easy!

Thanks mate, appreciate it.
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20-10-2010, 23:43   #725
feck sake lads
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thanks for this lads,i'm not familiar with dublin sorry to say, but looking at the DCM site it seems a lot of the roads are closed to cars from early morning.
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20-10-2010, 23:55   #726
the boss of me
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Head down the M1 till you get to the port tunnel. Straight down the tunnel till you get to the O2 arena. Bear right at the roundabout at the O2 and down the quays. Now you have to take a left at the new bridge, but this is prohibited so go past the bridge , do a u turn and then come back to it and cross over. Follow the road across the bridge ,go right at the Ferryman Pub and straight up that road (Macken St). Straight through the junction at Pearse St and up to the next junction if you can. Drop your friend off there and he's only got a short walk to the start.. Should take you less than an hour. Hopefully I'll see your mate on the startline
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21-10-2010, 00:48   #727
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Google Map

Google Map 2

Running Forum

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21-10-2010, 01:34   #728
Captain Havoc
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Moved from cycling.
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21-10-2010, 07:49   #729
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Originally Posted by ElectraX View Post
Had never thought of wearing one of these, it definitely seems like a handy way of tracking progress and keeping on target, but my worry is it would end up being annoying after a few miles, especially if it started rubbing off my wrist! Did u have any problems wearing it on the day? Will also be wearing a garmin though, so maybe that would be pacing overload
What I do with my pace band is wear a wrist sweat band and staple the pace band to a size that fit's snugly over the sweat band.

I'll be wearing my Garmin too but it measured the DCM last year as 26.58 miles so you need to keep a close eye on the official mile markers and adjust if necessary.
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21-10-2010, 09:37   #730
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Originally Posted by inea View Post
- ran Athlone about 5 minutes faster than the 4 hour pace group (and god was it hilly!!)
Can you tell me how long the 4-hour pace group took to finish the Athlone 3/4?
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21-10-2010, 10:06   #731
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Originally Posted by Birroc View Post
Can you tell me how long the 4-hour pace group took to finish the Athlone 3/4?
I think it was about 3.12?
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21-10-2010, 10:36   #732
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I'm not sure what's going on this weekend but just in case I don't get a chance later I wanted to come on and say a huge GOOD LUCK to everyone running on Monday and in particular to the mentored guys from RKs sub 4:30 and ecoli's sub 3 thread. It's only 26.2 miles, how hard can it be?!

Two very quick bits of advice (mostly repeated from teh other thread but I know not everyone reads that)...

1 - A Garmin is a training aid, not a racing aid. You are best manually lapping at the mile markers to get a feel for your actual pace by race distance. Your VP can be well off because of congestion etc and if you are depending on teh Garmin GPS and it loses signal (as it did form me in Berlin and Dublin) then you're sunk. The lower your tech the less chance of issues

2 - Run the racing line. Most Garmins record a completed marathon as 26.6 miles or more. Now that's only a few hundred metres but those few hundred meters could be a minute or two of running so why do it if you don't have to? If you are in a section of the field that is congested then run like you should drive - be polite, indicate your intentions but be assertive. If you are changing direction (at a water station for example) check behind you and point where you are going - it'll stop people behind you running into you. If you are stuck behind people running too slowly then don't be afraid to reach your hand in between them to alert them that you are there and say something like "excuse me, coming through!". People will move aside for faster runners, as a general rule.

I'm really jealous, DCM is a great race - enjoy it!
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21-10-2010, 11:59   #733
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Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for pre-race meals over the next few days?I know the recommendation is Low GI foods and to start upping the carb intake from now but would be interested to hear peoples ideas, especially from previous experience.
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21-10-2010, 12:14   #734
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Originally Posted by inea View Post
I think it was about 3.12?
Thanks. I dont get it though - was that on the assumpion you would finish last 6.2 miles in 48 mins? Or were they holding back?
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21-10-2010, 12:39   #735
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Originally Posted by ElectraX View Post
Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for pre-race meals over the next few days?I know the recommendation is Low GI foods and to start upping the carb intake from now but would be interested to hear peoples ideas, especially from previous experience.
Personally I eat my usual food. Don't try anything new just before the marathon.
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