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Resource List 2017/Gaeilge ar IRC/How to: fada

First of all, many thanks to Bard, simu, Gael, Hagar, and all the mods, posters, and contributors to the original resource list thread (which can still be found here: )
I've taken the old list and updated it to remove obsolete web addresses, and to add some new websites that have come on-line over the past 11 years. This thread would have been far more difficult to compile without the efforts of those previous posters. Míle buíochas, a chairde. I'm sure I've forgotten a few notable websites and resources, so feel free to add more or to contact the mods about adding more to the list.

Foclóirí 7 Téarmaíocht - Dictionaries & Terminology

- Teanglann
Dictionary and Language Library

- An Fóclóir Beag (The Little Dictionary)
Irish dictionary, in Irish.

- Téarma
National Terminology Database for Irish

- Pota Focal
Foclóir Neamhspleách Gaeilge - Independent Irish Dictionary

- Focló
Ongoing Irish dictionary and language resource project.

- Gramadach na Gaeilge
A short English-Irish grammar guide.

- An Tobar
"Useful Irish Terms for the Public Sector"- getting around with the Irish language, - everything from going out to Government departments.

- Téarmaí Ríomhaireachta
Computer terms (Irish language only)

- Gaelic Dictionaries Online
Web dictionaries for the different forms of the Gaelic languages, - Manx, Scottish and Irish

- Réimír
The Irish verb conjugator.

- Verbix: Conjugation of Irish verbs
Useful page for learning grammar as Gaeilge

Na Meáin - Media

- TG4
Nationwide Irish language television station

- RnaG
RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta

- Raidió na Life
106.4fm Cuisle na Cathrach (Baile Átha Cliath)

- Raidió Rí-Rá
Cairt-staisiún ceoil é Raidió Rí-Rá a bhíonn ag craoladh go hiomlán trí Ghaeilge

- Raidió Fáilte
Stáisiún Raidió Pobail Gaeilge i mBéal Feirste
- Tuairisc
Online newspaper - news, information, analysis, opinion, and entertainment.

Lárphointe eolais don Ghaeilge/Information hub for the Irish language.

- Nós
Iris chultúir a thugann léargas beoga Gaelach ar an saol thart orainn.

- BBC Northern Ireland - Blas
BBC's beginners course in (Ulster) Irish.

- GaelPort * OBSOLETE: Not updated since Easter 2014*
An Ghaeilge ar an Idirlíon - Irish language on the Internet - full of issues related to the Irish language.

- Pop-Up Gaeltacht
"Roghnaítear teach tabhairne uair sa mhí agus bailíonn Gaeil ann. Chun ól, like."
Pop-Up Gaeltacht
(mobile link:

Ex-Irish language monthly internet magazine.

Fóraim - Discussion Forums

Irish Language Forum (including Irish Learners' Forum)

- Daltaí na Gaeilge
Irish language information and resources

- Facebook
Facebook hosts a number of fantastic Irish-speaking groups.
Gaeilge Amháin *POSTS IN IRISH ONLY* (most notable, almost 9,000 members)
Díograiseoirí na Gaeilge (over 1,000 members)
Irish Language Learners' Forum (over 5,000 members)

- Irish Gaelic Translator
Useful phrases, Irish language classes worldwide, history of the language, and information on Ireland itself, in particular, Co. Clare.

Siopaí Leabhar - Bookshops

- Litrocht
"Gach leabhar Gaeilge i gcló"

- An Siopa Leabhar
Conradh na Gaeilge bookshop

- An Siopa Gaeilge
Bookshop of Oideas Gael

- An Ceathrú Póilí
Siopa neamhspleách leabhair Ghaeilge.

Seirbhísí 7 Achmhainní - Services & Resources

- Foras na Gaeilge
The body responsible for the promotion of the language

- Oideas Gael
Adult Irish language and cultural classes

- Conradh na Gaeilge
Fóram daonlathach phobal na Gaeilge

- Duolingo
Website and App for learning, practising, and acquiring new languages.

- Memrise
An online learning tool with courses created by its community.

- Ranganna
Foghlaim na Gaeilge ar-líne

Irish language resources/Translation services

- Cruinneog (GaelSpell)
Irish Spellcheckers and Grammar Checkers

- Gaelic Languages Info
Listings of Irish classes around the world.

- Language Store - Irish
Irish language books and other resources.

- Gaeilge ar an Ghréasán
Enormous index of Gaeilge links

Large resource list (like this one )

Medieval Irish Language and Literature
Legends, Poetry, Words of the day, Mailing lists, etc.

- Irish Phrases
New phrases to learn every month

- An tInneal Mallachtaí
The Curse Engine

- Gàidhlig - English dictionary *Scottish Gaelic*
3.49Mb DOC file - Comprehensive (141 page) English-Gàidhlig & Gàidhlig-English dictionary in Microsoft Word Format.

Aipeanna - Apps for Mobile/Tablet devices

An Seinnteoir Raidió

Of course, a quick search on Google would also throw up a good few helpful sites.

Note that also features an Irish language version - is féidir é a úsáid trí Ghaeilge freisin

If you'd like to see anything added to this list, feel free to send a private message to Hullaballoo or An File with the relevant details.

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Insect Overlord
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#Gaeilge ar IRC

IRC - Internet Relay Chat

As per Cloud's original thread:

There is still an IRC channel to use for random chats. IRC is a like a chat room. Here's how to use it.

  1. Go to >>>
  2. Type in a nickname for yourself (no spaces, use _)
  3. In channel, type #Gaeilge
  4. and that's it!

If you like IRC, you may want to use a program instead (which has more options, and an ability to turn on sound so you know when there's new messages)

To start simply download mIRC here and install as you would any other program.

Run IRC and select Tools > Options. This screen should be the first thing you see upon running the program.

Fill in the basic details, i.e. Your alias, and an alternative (just in case! Great minds think alike ) and an e-mail address.

Click the "Servers" tab. Open the "QuakeNet" folder and select a server.

Go back to the "Connect" tab and click connect.

Finally click Commands > Join channel

Insert "#Gaeilge" into the field and there you go!

Anyone else with @ before their name is an admin in the room.

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How to: an síneadh fada

How to: an síneadh fada

On most mobile phones, pressing and holding the vowel key will give you the option to slide and select that vowel with an accent.

On a standard keyboard, pressing the "Alt Gr" key with the required vowel will produce it with the síneadh fada.
(Some language settings may require Ctrl + Alt + vowel.)

Originally Posted by dubhthach View Post
It's the key to the right of the spacebar. On some keyboards it might be just a second Alt key:

It's what's called a modifier key. For example you can use it to put in stuff like
AltGr + C = ©
AltGr + R = ®

As well as symbols like: ¼½¾¥×÷¿¶×÷§Æ¢µ
AltGr + A = á
AltGr + E = é
AltGr + I = í
AltGr + O = ó
AltGr + U = ú

AltGR + Shift + A = Á
AltGR + Shift + E = É
AltGR + Shift + I = Í
AltGR + Shift + O = Ó
AltGR + Shift + U = Ú

Originally Posted by craoltoir View Post
The (free) SwiftKey keyboard app can also be quite useful for typing/texting in Irish.

SwiftKey is an input method for Android and iOS devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

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