Next week, Gerry Kavanagh will be in to talk about DIY Home Automation with Open Source Software.
If you’ve ever wondered how to control, monitor and fine-tune the processes in your house, then I can’t recommend this talk to you enough!
  • Learn how to control your home via your PC – Interface Linux with X10 Home Automation Controllers
  • Learn about the various types of controller that are available (Lighting, Heating, Sensors etc)
  • Interacting with the control system – Web GUIs, CLIs and Mobile Interfaces (SMS)
  • See a real-world example (Custom written heating control system using Text Messaging)
  • Get the source to the above tool!
The talk will be held on Tuesday, March 6th at 7pm. There’ll be a charge of €5 for non-members with all proceeds going towards the continued running of the Labs.