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11-06-2019, 22:01   #16
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I'd like people to support an Irish football team as well as a British one.
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11-06-2019, 22:03   #17
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Geographical location.

Move it down near the Canary Islands.
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11-06-2019, 22:07   #18
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The instututional apathy and lack of accountability.
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11-06-2019, 22:10   #20
Your Face
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11-06-2019, 22:12   #21
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Fcuking regulate the legal and insurance professions properly
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11-06-2019, 22:13   #22
Church on Tuesday
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Church on Tuesday is online now  
11-06-2019, 22:14   #23
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Everyone has to do a minimum of 1 years service in the army upon finishing/dropping out of school.
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11-06-2019, 22:18   #24
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Make the housing crisis the no 1 priority ,build 30 k housing units per year ,
give the council money to repair the 1000,s of empty council flats.
Even working people find it hard to find quality rental housing.
The tds, politicians are on high wages ,they are not looking to rent
a small flat or share a house with 4 other tenants .
Some international companys are now avoiding irish citys as a base , because there is a shortage of quality rental units.

Theres no accountability for any one in the government or the civil service,
if someone screws up they might maybe retire early with a nice pension .
When theres a big screw up, the people responsible will not be named .
But there will be committees and investigations which cost millions .
A report will be published which will be vary vague and no person will be named .
eg this happened, that happened ,
some dept or governmnet body did something or was not quick to react to certain events .
Unless someone commits financial fraud , or commits a serious crime ,
no one in the civil service is held to be responsible for anything

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11-06-2019, 22:21   #25
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Issue people with a love for

Personal Responsibility
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11-06-2019, 22:28   #26
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Originally Posted by Former Observer View Post
Outlaw private health care and private schools.

Everybody should contribute to the same system. If rich people want their children to go to better schools then they should invest in the whole system.
It doesn't improve healthcare. All that does is encourage consultants to move abroad to make money.

And people won't put extra money to the whole education system. I'm fact it's been demonstrated before that many people paying for private schooling are ordinary workers who are making sacrifices to try to give their kids an advantage.

But if the objective is to bring everyone down to the lowest common denominator then why stop there? Nan cars and make everyone just use public transport. Or in fact just go whole North Korea.
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11-06-2019, 22:32   #27
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Originally Posted by imme View Post
Issue people with a love for

Personal Responsibility
This ^^^

When individuals act in any way to hurt another... instead of doing some sort of digging mission and creating a dossier of ‘hardship’ and using it as a green card to authorize past and further about we look after those who have and are victimized first and foremost. Bad actions and bad people to in turn pay the price, regardless.
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11-06-2019, 22:38   #28
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Originally Posted by Fr_Dougal View Post
Everyone has to do a minimum of 1 years service in the army upon finishing/dropping out of school.
Yeah, give every scumbag training in how to attack and kill... I can see that ending well.
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11-06-2019, 22:42   #29
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While it's all we have at the moment, democracy gives us some of the most inept leaders. Maybe introduce a system where people have to train and complete courses in leadership, do exams and go through serious interviews and screening to become a member of government.
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11-06-2019, 22:45   #30
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Change the Irish attitudes of begrudgery and the acceptance of mediocrity. Irish people, in my opinion, hate to see their own get ahead and you are instantly communally beaten down for showing any sort of confidence or aspirations and you would be considered to have "notions". I didn't encounter this attitude in the US.

Acceptance of mediocrity. While we are extremely lucky to have what we do have, there is a prevalent attitude of acceptance of mediocrity in all aspects of Irish society. I'd call it the "be grand attitude", whether that be our public transport, wasted potential or our health system.
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