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20-03-2019, 19:58   #46
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Originally Posted by Jimbob1977 View Post
Tusla are very busy at the moment.

They are working hard to dismantle scouting.
Actually, my question is where is Zappone in all of this?
She is the children's Minister. Maybe if the Traveller child was in Calais or Egypt, then she would act .... with the Irish media in tow.

Flippant remark aside, it is Zappone's department that should be spearheading initiatives to reverse that particular side of Traveller culture i.e. where education of their children is not respected or adhered to. Enforcing compulsory education on Traveller children would make a big dent on the usual trajectory of crime and welfare.

The vast overwhelming majority of Traveller children have no fighting chance in life at the moment (excuse the pun).
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20-03-2019, 20:06   #47
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Jesus Christ...
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20-03-2019, 20:12   #48
mad muffin
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Originally Posted by Mrs OBumble View Post
Have any of you keyboard warriors actually contacted Tulsa???
I said it’s sad. I didn’t say I cared…
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20-03-2019, 20:14   #49
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I always wondered why a lot of young traveler kids have big puffy faces. Answer: Guinness.
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20-03-2019, 20:18   #50
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T'is culture boss !

Look forward to John Connors take on this
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20-03-2019, 20:19   #51
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Originally Posted by shockwave View Post
Send that vid to Tusla that child should be taken into care
I'd like to see social services rock up to a halting site or settled traveller house and take the child into care.
Fat chance of that happening.
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20-03-2019, 20:31   #52
Force Carrier
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Originally Posted by Irish Praetorian View Post
I remember when it was 10,000 - bloody inflation.
They found 10 for expert and 20 for genius.
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20-03-2019, 20:39   #53
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Originally Posted by Fifty grades of shay. View Post
Here's the proud daddy, with the young lad at his side.
These videos are funny really if you overlooked the tragic consequences of the actions they perpetrate.
And I'm here with my 2 kids of a similar age trying hard not to curse in front of them.
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20-03-2019, 20:48   #54
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There are privacy issues around Tusla and reports but it would be good to see what they actually did and what happened.

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20-03-2019, 20:50   #55
Pinch Flat
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An amazing and beautiful culture we have among us.
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20-03-2019, 20:50   #56
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I remember a traveller girl that used to tag along at lunch and she'd be robbing condiments and stuff from the shop to bring home to her mam for the kitchen. Awful sad really.

They also wouldn't come to school for say 3 months at a time. Then the traveller boys on the other hand get away with murder and riding half the town. I know a couple of girls from school who ended up having children with some well known male travellers from around the town.

Lots of the older men travellers from where I live would be perverts too. There was actually a young girl raped not far from me by a traveller man who was a family man and had many children my age or who i went to school with etc and of course nothing happened.

I might sound really judgemental but they have never given me an excuse not to!

I do know one or two that seem nice.
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20-03-2019, 20:51   #57
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Originally Posted by Cienciano View Post
And I'm here with my 2 kids of a similar age trying hard not to curse in front of them.
That’s why your kids will prosper while his won’t. Give it 20 years and representatives of his kids will be blaming your kids for not understanding his kids culture.

And the wheel goes ‘round.
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20-03-2019, 20:55   #58
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That is one of the most shocking videos I've ever seen !!!!
My god the state of that pint of Guinness will forever haunt me ..
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20-03-2019, 21:01   #59
Strawberry Milkshake
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This is the email address for Enniskillen social services
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20-03-2019, 21:22   #60
Sorry about that
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In spite of their seemingly proud culture, travellers seem to have a deep unconscious self-hatred. Yes, many of them are a blight on the settled community for a hundred reasons, but they're at least as destructive to their own.

This is documented (by themselves) evidence of child abuse, intended for distribution. They knock lumps out of each other in bare-knuckled fights, and share the footage on social media.They bring slash hooks to injure their own at funerals. They deny education to their children, and teach them to steal.

Proud traveller culture does not exist, and until the psyche changes, kids are going to drink stout for Daddy.
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