Bannasidhe, sorry to hear about your Dad, hope you have some precious moments with him for the remainder of his life. Probably this month & I think this date just on 20 years ago I lost my Dad & found it hard, especially when I was the only one not to see his last few moments, I was on a train on the way down home, but never made it on time. Only just over a month ago now I was doing the same journey, driving this time at 3am in the morning thinking I wouldn't make it again to see my mum, I bawled my eyes out several times during that trip. I kind of accepted it now that I will loose her eventually, so my take is to enjoy those final days, months etc. with my mum, in your case your dad with your close family/friends. Life is precious & none of us will be around for ever, but with time loosing those around you does seem to heal one with the progress of time if its any consolation, you can take solice from that.