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14-05-2019, 23:16   #46
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What an interesting AMA, thanks for doing it and best of luck to you, enjoy!
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14-05-2019, 23:21   #47
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Originally Posted by Cali_girl View Post
Great AMA - thanks a lot!

Do the rigs sway at lot - and if so - guess you're used to it or is it negligible?
Do you get agoraphobia on open dry land at all?
Do you surf?
Does the gender imbalance get odd at all (I'm a woman working in an almost entirely male dominated environment, and every now and then I get fed up and tell them so. They're always cool about it and know to humour me and let it pass ) but must be colder male on male? Or is the atmosphere more professional / military like?
Do your colleagues tend to just bunker down and sleep during off hours or are there mess halls/are they all secretly writing novels etc?
Do you have any exercise facilities? (guessing no space for treadmills/weight machines)
you get used to it. it can be a wee bit frustrating when back home for the first day or two...all you've done for 14 days is work and talk about when somebody starts on about local goings're like WTF is this about, and yes open space can be disconcerting for a few hours.
we do have a gym...spinning, rowing, walking, but also there's whats called a hobby room, I do a lot of painting here, a girl holds yoga classes on her shift, some play guitar, but you kinda have to book your time there as it is a popular room. Atmosphere is professional, women offshore do the same jobs as the lads, not being condescending here but no "girly stuff" if I can do can you!!
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15-05-2019, 00:18   #48
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Typical day for me...

5.15 am..breakfast, weetabix and an egg. coffee and a smoke.
5.45..handover from night shift supervisor. brief with OIM and other supers +foremen brief with working crew,task designation.
7.00 platform "walkabout" all areas, all jobs, meet crane deck crew for lift operations schedule.plan extra tasks.
9.00 snack..usually a few bics,coffee and a smoke.
9.30 office, daily reports,crew change outs, update job status.
11.00 meeting with supervisors,safety reps,OIM to update all info.
12. lunch for me coffee smoke and maybe call home (don't eat lunch)
1pm. walkabout, chat to the lads/lasses listen to their concerns, after all they do the job!!!!
3.00 snack, usually sandwich coffee + smoke
3.30. update tasks and send report to land office.
5.00 walkabout with safety guy and logistics, try to plan for tomorrow.
7.00 dinner, pot luck, but my hope is always pasta dish (twice a week)
8.00 walkabout with night shift foreman.
9.00 clean up days issues and plan tomorrow,(can take an hour!!!)
10.00 chill out in smoking room, maybe have a game of scrabble...monopoly !!!!
11/11.30 bed.

Only real difference is Saturday and Sunday... Sat is finish at 8pm and go to bingo or quiz.
Sunday, finish at 8, then we have an evacuation/fire drill for an hour, sometimes internal muster, sometimes outside lifeboats, I can also be sent in to living quarters with a rescue team to find a "missing person", not very nice wearing a survival suit, air bottle and carrying a stretcher (only happens once or twice a year)..

So it's pretty mundane really, routine is everything offshore, so we stick to that, it works. Don't rush, don't stress, after all the oil/gas has been down there for a 100 million years, it's not going to go anywhere in a hurry!
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15-05-2019, 05:10   #49
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Absolutely fascinating stuff!
Just one more question on phone/internet, you said there is broadband, so I presume you are allowed a laptop or similar? Or do they have internet cafés on board?
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15-05-2019, 05:30   #50
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Curious that they won’t allow mobiles because of the fire hazard but you can smoke.

What’s the strangest thing that you have seen in terms of natural phenomena?
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15-05-2019, 05:57   #51
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One of the best AMA's yet.

I qualified in E&I last year. I work for a large chemical company who kept me on. I was made up to an engineer on finishing my apprenticeship, because I'm older over 30 and have a cert and degree in the instrument area too.
TBH I miss the tools and have always been interested in off shore.
I think the working enviorment would really suit me.

How would I go about getting a job on a rig??
It's it unionised?
How demanding is the actual work, is there much work actually going on or is it fairly relaxed?
Is there perks, bonuses, shares, health insurance etc??
Are you actually aware you are on a rig? Or is it like being on a cruise ship, where it only hits you that you are on a ship when you go up on deck?
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15-05-2019, 08:05   #52
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You certainly work for your money- that’s a very long day.

As your day is so structured over a long period do you apply the same approach to time off or are you more relaxed about what you do and when you do it?

You mentioned pension at 60. Is there an opportunity for you to do related work onshore at that point such as getting involved in training or consultancy or education to pass on your wealth of knowledge and experience?

Do you live in Norway? If so what’s it like to live there?

What would you say is the worst job to do and best job to do on an oil rig?

Do the cooks and other staff get paid quite generously also? And what would their shifts be like, similar to yours?

What’s the difference between oil rig working and gas rig work? Are they essentially very similar?

What’s the average age of workers on the rig? I’m imagining here that people who joined years ago are mostly still there now and that staff turnover is low?
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15-05-2019, 09:36   #53
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Do the single men & women get much action? Hook ups like.
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15-05-2019, 10:05   #54
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Do you smoke like a trooper ?
Does the job stress you out or is just routine now ?
Ever sustained a nasty injury ?
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15-05-2019, 10:06   #55
only new
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Do you get to see any wildlife living onboard whales maybe?
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15-05-2019, 10:08   #56
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Just wondering any opportunities for people in Information technology ?
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15-05-2019, 10:26   #57
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Do you speak Norwegian? I've read before you need to speak it to work on the north sea.

Is there tax benefits spending so much time out of the country, or must one spend >6 months out of Ireland to get this?

Have you found a significant difference between Norwegian rigs and others? In conditions, food etc. are the Norwegian the only ones that offer 2 on 4 off rotation?

Has there been a big difference in conditions since you first began working offshore?

are most people working there long timers, does it "break" a lot of people and they quit?

Do you know any saturation divers? I watched a documentary on this recently, fascinating stuff.

I'm a toolmaker by trade now working as an engineer. Would it be better to apply to services companies rather than the oil companies themselves?
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15-05-2019, 10:59   #58
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You say no mobile phones because of potential spark and fire, but smoking is OK? Special room/area?
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15-05-2019, 13:27   #59
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If your offshore shift is 14days, how long is the rest off before the next 14 day shift?
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15-05-2019, 13:49   #60
Purple Mountain
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How come cigarettes are allowed but not mobile phones?

Could you give those of us who know nothing about rigs a flavour of what the work actually involves?
The mechanics of what is done out there?
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