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27-09-2009, 09:08   #16
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LISBON an uneducated yes

Well all the no advocates have convinced me.

Im not afraid of a EU Army.
Im not afraid of a federal EU.

I am 31 and was brought up in the 80s and have never really experienced a life that didnt have financial worries. I have seen politicians really lie. I have known politicians who have gone on air and lied. I have seen people with money make allot more.

I suppose i think of myself as a regular guy, happy but at the same time life is a bit of a struggle. Everything i work very hard and honestly for is now worthless as the greedy have in there wisdom and ability taken from me and my familys future. I cant see how the powers that be can be any worse than those in brussells. If anything an absence of real power locally may reboot the system, inject some honesty and morality.

With little or no faith in FF FG Lab I VOTE YES.
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27-09-2009, 22:01   #17
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Dear people of Ireland!

The treaty of lisbon gives almost unlimited power to the EU, dispossesses the member countries of their veto (which ensures small countries have no chance to influence any EU decisions in the future), and simply goes against everything the people who liberated Europe from dictatorship 65 years ago fought and died for - a free europe of sovereign nations (in which decisions like the French, Dutch and Irish "no" to this constitution/"treaty" are respected).
I hope, the Irish keep that and the sacrifices of the founding fathers of the Republic of Ireland in mind, when they go to vote on the incapacitation of their country. An Irish yes will create a European super state, trash the constitutions of all member countries of the EU (including Irelands'), and will trigger the beginning of the end of the European Union. A super state of unlimited power, free from any democratic influence, will definitely lead to increasingly
determined opposition and growing rejection of European integration, in the worst case to a european civil war (in which the enemies of europe will have a huge majority). Countries like catholic, conservative Ireland, the protestant and liberal Netherlands, and the post-communist, poor country of Bulgaria have different traditions, cultures and histories, and that's why they have different laws, public opinions and sentiments. Forcing them into a federal government will inevitably destruct these positive differences, which the people of these nations admire and take pride in. Ireland (probably) will never have the same abortion laws as the UK, Italy will never have the same euthanasia laws as the Netherlands, and the French won't have the same speed limits on motorways as the Germans (unless the Treaty is ratified - or do you believe a politicians word is worth more than a written contract?). Why? Because the people of these nations have different opinions on these rules/laws. We can have our different cultures, opinions and policies while still respecting each other/while coexisting and cooperating peacefully, so there's no reason to force all these nations to create a federal government that doesn't respect and worship these local traditions. If we do decide to have a common, federal government, all the people of Europe, whatever nation they live in, should have their vote on such a vital step.

Therefore, in the name of all democratic people of Europe, I ask the Great people of Ireland to say NO to the treaty of Lisbon. That way you would express the opinion of the majority of the European people (who never had their voices heard, or were ignored if they did), and would teach the European Union a lesson not to take the wise people of Ireland for fools (or blackmailing them) by asking them the same question repeatedly until they like the answer (and trying to threaten them with legally impossible consequences incase of a refusal).
In the newspapers across Europe, the Irish were branded "heroes" when they rejected the Treaty last time, and I hope your choice to keep the EU a union of free, sovereign nations will prevail.

We all wish the people of Ireland the very best, and hope you will choose wisely on friday.
I hope I'll be celebrating your rescue of the European Union at the local Irish pub that evening.

Thank you very much,
Le gach dea-ghui

Alexander Thomas
from Vienna, Austria

PS: Sorry, my English isn't perfect.
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28-09-2009, 14:17   #18
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I'd recommend everyone in voting No .

If we vote Yes, the minimum wage could be lower to as little as €1.84 .

''If you don't know, Vote No''
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