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03-09-2020, 22:14   #1
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US Election 2020 sub forum

Suggesting the creation of a temporary US Election sub forum running off Currant Affairs.

Its 8 weeks out from US election day and already there are a number of threads in Current Affairs that would fit into this. As the election date gets closer more will appear as there are many moving parts in a US election, it is a very big topic for discussion and many strands come from it.

The US election will dominate the media cycle for the next while. Because of that its getting to the point where certain topics get lost in the general threads but are deserving a thread of their own but without them clogging up the main CA forum.

To be clear Im only suggesting this as a temporary forum until such time as the next US President is decided. Similar to how we've had a temporary World Cup sub forum in the Soccer forum while the World Cup is being played. And just like the World Cup the US Presidential election is a big event that only comes along once every four years so lots of people take an interest in it. This US election will attract more interest than any other US election in living memory. And for those that hold no interest in the US election then they can easily avoid it if there is a separate temporary sub forum.

So its a +1 from me.
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09-10-2020, 12:32   #2
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We don't do subforums for Irish elections...
Seems to me a superthread would do the job. -1.
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11-11-2020, 20:22   #3
Put that light out!
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I think we can now safely conclude this request has been rejected
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