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15-09-2020, 15:25   #61
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Originally Posted by nthclare View Post
More than likely some senior civil servant.

And because said civil servant, has a lot of clout and the arse lickers wouldn't dare suggest wet pubs sounds ridiculous.
For they might fall out of favour for going against the status quo...

Going forward...
Knowing the civil service it probably took an elite unit of 12 megabrains 2 weeks of brainstorming to come up with that. Probably cost 30k in consultancy fees for an external arbitrator too just to make sure it was all ok.

I'd rather chew on glass than hear any more brain dead idiots espouse these moronic terms like they are somehow more intellectually adept than the average clown.
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15-09-2020, 15:28   #62
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I'm also very sick of hearing Glynn repeat the same message everyday.

"People urged not to socialise in groups" said every day kinda loses meaning after a while.
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15-09-2020, 15:48   #63
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Originally Posted by sheepskin1234 View Post
I'm also very sick of hearing Glynn repeat the same message everyday.

"People urged not to socialise in groups" said every day kinda loses meaning after a while.
It does, but... if he wasn’t to say it and this thing blows up in a major way again ?
Who do we think the needy fûckwits and the greedy money grabbers will blame ? Themselves ? The family or friends as in the “ aghhh sure come over for an hour, be grand “ merchants ? Nope, it will be Ronan Glynn, the HSE etc... Glynn and the HSE are sending out the message via the stats, people don’t follow it... he and the HSE have tried, told people face to face, daily.
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15-09-2020, 15:53   #64
Eduard Khil
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Whomever invented the term lock them in stocks with a keg of Heineken 0% hooked to their arm intravenously.
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15-09-2020, 15:53   #65
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Who are the government to tell me that a purple snack and a packet of bacon fries isn't a substantial meal?

Kept me upright manys a night
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15-09-2020, 15:53   #66
Gregor Samsa
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It's a standard industry term. This document has an example of its use from 2013:

The Royal Oak in the East End is primarily a wet Pub, and so not a direct competitor for our planned food offering
It's mad when people discover something outside of their limited vocabulary and get scared and confused.
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15-09-2020, 16:09   #67
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Cardi B apparently has a song about Wet Ass Pubs. Video is quite something. So I'm told.
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15-09-2020, 16:14   #68
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Originally Posted by and in the morning Diamonds of Frost View Post
It is my second most hated term of the last few months. I have a top 5.
5 Cocooning
4 Staycation
3 New Normal
2 Wet pubs
And in at number 1 the mind bendingly dreadful basement dweller loving.......................................
Socially Distant.
If you have kids "Blended Learning" is another one.
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15-09-2020, 19:17   #69
Quantum Erasure
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16-09-2020, 11:23   #70
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Wet pub is derived from an internal industry term - wet-led.
This term is used to identify a pub's main product range (beverage).
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16-09-2020, 12:02   #71
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invented by a cnut….

probably read it on some American website.
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16-09-2020, 12:41   #72
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Covid Forum is there for this discussion. Thread Closed
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