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05-07-2020, 19:41   #1
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Calling into talk radio shows

Has anyone here ever done it? I'm thinking mainly of the Niall Boylan show on Classic Hits 4FM or Dublin Talks with Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon on 98FM.
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05-07-2020, 19:48   #2
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It’s mostly staff/actors and shut-ins that call isn’t it?

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05-07-2020, 19:49   #3
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I texted the Niall boylan show once taking the piss going..

It's an outrage.. it's political correctness gone mad..

They rang me back within about 30 seconds to go on air..

I was like " thanks.."
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05-07-2020, 19:52   #4
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I think forums like Current Affairs and sites like Twitter have given the oddballs, weirdos, malcontents, ne’er-do-wells, cranks, mouth breathers, and Shinnerbots a more effective platform for spewing their hate-filled bile. Which is all they want. For someone, anyone, to listen.
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05-07-2020, 20:21   #5
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This thread is already running in the radio forum
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05-07-2020, 20:24   #6
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Originally Posted by mr_fegelien View Post
Has anyone here ever done it? I'm thinking mainly of the Niall Boylan show on Classic Hits 4FM or Dublin Talks with Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon on 98FM.
Call in? I wouldn't even listen to them never mind talk to them.
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05-07-2020, 20:35   #7
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I was on Cork talks back with Charlie Wolf loads of times back around 2002

Hard enough to get on. First have to get through, then convince the lad who answers the phone that you're not a langer. They also had a profanity delay system that would stretch out the audio gently while they went from being live to about 10 seconds behind live.

If they get a langer on the phone shouting abuse they can press a big red shiny button to cut him off before the abuse gets transmitted. If he gets a few of those langers in succession he has to talk sh1te for a while until the system builds up more delay to accommodate the next batch of langers
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05-07-2020, 20:40   #8
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I once rang a local radio station when I was 6 to speak to santy clause.
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05-07-2020, 20:45   #9
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Your mistake is thinking people ring in, I’d say a genuine call is a novelty.
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05-07-2020, 20:45   #10
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Sent a text to Newstalk in 2006 ranting at what a mess we were under Steve Staunton. They called me back and put me on air.

That was the third game of his reign, a 4-0 defeat by the Netherlands where our defence was worse than schoolboys in terms of positioning. I was pretty much in the minority at that point (most people thought “ah give him a chance”). Within a few months the whole country knew we were ****ed.
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05-07-2020, 20:51   #11
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A lot of the time it's the producers ringing the people to go on air. You'll hear it said on Liveline - "your producers rang me there".
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05-07-2020, 20:52   #12
Rodney Bathgate
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I personally think that Mr. F should have his own radio show.
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05-07-2020, 20:54   #13
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Chris Barry and Adrian Kennedy were two lads I used to listen to in my late teens and early twenties, could be entertaining but when you copped on after a while that you’d have the same voices calling in just using different names, taking whatever side of whatever argument it’s a fairly pointless exercise.

I think if there had been ( I just presume there wasn’t ) a broadcasting standards organization they could and should have done them for that... sleezy stuff really.
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05-07-2020, 21:01   #14
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A mate of mines oul lad use to constantly ring into the local radio station, whatever the church stance was on something he would be on in agreement.
He ended up getting barred off it in the end, it was quite funny though he would be literally fit to explode with outrage n couldn't string a sentance together as a result. I think all the kids moved out asap!
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05-07-2020, 21:02   #15
Quantum Erasure
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Originally Posted by mr_fegelien View Post
Has anyone here ever done it? I'm thinking mainly of the Niall Boylan show on Classic Hits 4FM or Dublin Talks with Adrian Kennedy and Jeremy Dixon on 98FM.
and what would you call them about, OP?
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