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Using subtitles on TV

Would it be better to watch in English with Spanish subtitles or watch Spanish with English subtitles?
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Spanish with english subs.
I suck at learning language but I'll explain my reason.
If you have Spanish subs you're still only reading. For most reading isn't the problem - they're missing out in listening skills.
Just rememeber English subs often aren't a direct translation.
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May I suggest Spanish with Spanish subtitles and a dictionary on your phone/ tablet/ computer. I recommend linguee. My opinion is that you should not concentrate on what you don't know but on what you do know. Look-up words that repeat. This does come with a warning, subtitles do not always follow the spoken word. The meaning will be the same but not the wording.

Don't get yourself down because you don't understand what's going on and be proud of every time you understand something. Baby steps but be proud of your progress.
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This is what i do.

I listen to everything with no subs.

If i think i have understood everything ....then i listen a second time but with english subs to make sure i understood it perfectly (Sometimes you can miss a word ..)

If i really can't understand i go back on it ...and if i STILL can't understand ...then i put spanish subs on ...then i take them off and listen again.

But usually i don't really have to do any of that its only if i don't get something.

Also the REAL test is radio ..or turning away from the screen when you are listening ..the visuals are really helping you out ..and in exams you don't have that its ALL audio. In reality listening in exams is even harder than real life.

So now i am actually listening to spanish radio or listening to videos/vlogs without looking at the picture ..its actually easier in some ways ...your brain just concentrates on the words with no pics to distract you only have to take in one form of information. And obv you can't have subs then.

ALso I was finding subs starting to annoy me ...well google trans subs ...are rubbish ...and english subs well i can tell now when they are not accurate and it bugs me i usually just end up listening a few times until i get it

TBH you don't need subs ..just keep listening it will come.

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