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Hi Meg,

I think you are probably a sensitive person with a certain amount of intuition.

I know nothing of witchcraft and I am probably a bit cynical about these things which might just be ignorance but I doubt witchcraft is real. Maybe some aspects relate to things that anyone could relate to.

I prefer to be in nature as do a lot of people. Being by the sea, watching sky lines, stars at night - I appreciate this as do others but it's a love of nature and nothing to do with witch stuff.

Look in to witchcraft but remember there will be things that everyone can relate to in there so don't think that because some things make sense that the whole thing makes sense.

Look up google for sensitive people or highly sensitive people (HSP's). You are more likely these than a witch. Look up your characteristics in google and see what it turns out.

Best of luck.
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Originally Posted by Meg732 View Post
For years I've felt there is something different about me and ever since a young age I've been drawn to the idea of magic more than just fairy tales.
Perhaps coincidentally but I feel when someone is about to die and as soon as I accept their passing mentally there is a phone call to inform us they died, one time myself and my family went on holidays for the weekend and had asked the neighbours to mind our terrapin, I then just had this feeling our turtle was passing and sure enough when we came home his body lay lifeless, a member of my family died when I was younger and I used to talk to him all the time , I believed he was giving me advice all the time And I would always consult with him on everything.
In my early teens i had signed up for loads of magic sites and read over spells , I have never really tried to perform any but just have been extremely interested in the thought!
Since a young age I sometimes was able to know things i couldn't possibly know, like once for instance I was very hungry at a hurling match and I said to the umpire who was eating chicken nuggets if I could guess something about them could I have a chicken nugget, she agreed and I told her about her brother and her brothers name and she was completely shocked I had got it right. I had never met her before I was just listening and said what I felt.
Things have an unusual way of going right for me all the time , I had a crush on a boy for years and year and he never noticed me , summer after summer I'd just watch him and then one year I said to myself I'm going to meet him this summer, this will be the summer and now almost a year later he's still my boyfriend . I feel strangely completely at ease by the sea and beach even if stormy and rainy weather prevails, I can breathe better in nature. Maybe I'm crazy but I feel the need to looking into witchcraft but I don't know where to start
Well whatever about anything else, probably best not to let your boyfriend see your post until you're both married for fifty years or so.
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There's many things that we can feel that we can't yet understand. Even now the scientists are just figuring out just how very many animals are built to feel and respond to magnetic fields. It wasn't that long ago that the very idea would have been laughed at.

So I don't worry as much about whether or not something is magical or just a little beyond my understanding; it's more important how we live and how we deal with what we've got.

No matter who you are or what gifts you have, anyone can get overwhelmed, or just not be in the right circumstances for yourself. I need to get outdoors and have a good walk fairly often and if I don't I get cranky. I don't know that there's anything that special about it, it's what keeps me in balance.

Knowing when someone will die may or may not be handy. But for me, knowing that I treated them fairly and have no regrets when they die is more important.

I hope you find peace with your gifts.
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Mod note
Hi all
I've removed some off topic and inappropriate posts as well as others that quoted them.
Please note this is the Paganism forum. Just as you would with Islam or Christianity keep your posts respectful, doing otherwise can earn you a card or even a ban.

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