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02-02-2011, 23:08   #1
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Lease up - List of jobs from letting agents to do before moving out??

I hope someone can advise. My lease is up and I have been at the current house for 16months (extended lease month to month)
I got an email from the letting agents with a tenant checkout Document to follow for when you are leaving the proper word doc attached

As follows (question from me at end of page)

The inside and outside of all cupboards are emptied and thoroughly cleaned
The fridge and freezer are defrosted and cleaned out - Please switch off these appliances and leave the doors open after they have been cleaned
The cooker i.e. the hob / oven and extractor fan unit are thoroughly cleaned
The microwave is cleaned.
All cutlery, cooking utensils and dishes are washed, dried and put away
All surfaces and floors are washed.

Tiles, Mirrors and bath/shower screens are polished
Floors are washed
Hand basin, bath/shower and toilet are thoroughly cleaned

Bedside lockers and wardrobes are emptied and cleaned inside and out.
Carpets are hovered and shampooed
All surfaces dusted down and wiped with a wet cloth
Mirrors polished

Floors are hovered and washed
Windows must be cleaned on the inside (and also any windows on the outside which you can reach, e.g balcony)
Doors which have hand prints/marks are washed down
Any upholstery which is in your apartment: curtains, couches, carpets etc need to be cleaned (we can provide you with details of companies who provide such services if needed)
Any items which have been broken or damaged are replaced. This includes items such as light bulbs.
The apartment must be left in the same condition you got it.
Any furniture which was moved will need to be repositioned where it was initially placed (please see the inventories).
Any appliances which you brought to the apartment (e.g. TV etc) must be taken with you when you check out.
ALL personal belongings must be removed from the property.
ALL rubbish must be removed from the property

When I moved into this house it was clean but not immaculate.
The carpet upstairs in the main bedroom smelled a little. The Chests of drawer weren't clean I had to clean them.
Oven wasn't clean
The windows weren't too clean.
There was light bulbs blown.

Now I don't mind these minor things as I always would clean a place before I move in anyway.

My questions are:
  • Do I have to clean the outside windows (am 6months preg not lazy - Yes could pay someone if have to)
  • Do I have to get the carpets cleaned. If I do I would only be cleaning the hallway as this was new carpet.
  • Do I need to replace the extractor fan thing that catches greese it could do with a change (was not new when I moved in)
  • Plus there is mold on the kitchen wall and bathroom - Do I have to clean this. I had been cleaning it but have stopped due to moving out ( reason I am moving and had told landlord)
I will clean the house as i would be embarrased to leave any mess of any desciption plus I am a clean tidy person.
So I just basically wish to know do I have to do the things in bullet points or is the landlord just getting me to prepare her property for her next tenants.

Thanks for you advice in advance

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02-02-2011, 23:16   #2
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end of lease

Hello, as a landlord, that list that was sent to you is a standard list, you would not be expected to do everything on the list unless it was a showroom model house you moved into.
The fan/grill not your responsibility, just clean around it
the mold I would give it a good wipe to make clean as possible.
otherwise the landlord may hold some or all of your deposit, so juts to keep things corect for yourself, I would have that carpet cleaned, the new one you were talking about, in general just give the property back as clean as possible, because myself as a landlord I would always go in and touch up /re-paint where normal wear & tear took place.

Not too sure about the cleaning of the windows, I wish my tennants would do that but its not really a major problem.

so hope I helped you out.

Just remember dont give your landlord any valid reason to hold all or part of your deposit.
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02-02-2011, 23:25   #3
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Thanks for the response. I know the landlord isn't allowed to hold my deposit due to cleaning.
I will clean hallway carpet as it was new when I moved in (dont' know why anyone would want to put cream carpet in rental) and I will leave house as clean as I got it.

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03-02-2011, 10:39   #4
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In general, a tenant needs to leave a property in the same condition that they found it in.

For future reference, take photos the day you move into a place so that you aren't expected to do more than was done for you.
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03-02-2011, 12:06   #5
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Will do going forward. All furniture is mine (except built in chest of drawers) in the property so I would have been taking photos of empty rooms in this house. Thanks for the response though.
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