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06-04-2021, 20:03   #16
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Most are grand, can have a laugh or a chat with them. Some are dickheads who think they own the place or are out for a fight.

So they're exactly the same as the customers really.
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06-04-2021, 20:16   #17
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Reckon they get a lot of pussay. Some are grand and then some can be quite aggressive i find mostly the non irish are like that but a lot of irish dickehad security to

In my city one nightclub/late bars security can be extremely aggressive and would refuse you entry or throw you out for the smallest offence.

Let's hope it's a clean slate when places reopen
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06-04-2021, 21:15   #18
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I was stopped stopped by an aggressive bouncer from walking down a street in cork once.
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06-04-2021, 22:01   #19
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Originally Posted by fvp4 View Post
I was stopped stopped by an aggressive bouncer from walking down a street in cork once.

Hope you told him to phooq off
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06-04-2021, 22:12   #20
Richard Hillman
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I can't say I have ever had a negative experience with security. I have been turned away in groups when I was younger but usually just a sorry lads not tonight. A bit annoying at the time but as you grow older you realise its the right decision. Large groups of 7-8+ in a pub/nightclub etc isn't worth the potential hassle.

I think I have only been refused once on my own or with 1 other for being too drunk, of which I was.

I've never argued with one. "Sorry lads, not tonight" is sufficient. You're not going to change their mind by arguing. I did however get a Not Tonight, politely said "OK, no problem" and they called us back and said go on in
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06-04-2021, 22:18   #21
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Originally Posted by Snotty View Post
Act like an idiot and get treated like one too
Not always. I had a spinal injury at the time and was upstairs in Fitzsimons at closing time. I was having a chat with my friend on the stairs and the bouncer came over and sneakily punched me hard in the small of the back as he was asking people to move. The act of a pure sadist.

My friend stood up for me as I could not defend myself with the spinal injury and was dragged down a back stairs and battered badly by numerous bouncers.
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06-04-2021, 22:27   #22
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A pub / club that I frequented for a number of years in the city near grafton st had what I’d call the absolute blueprint for door staff / security....if they knew you, a “hello lads”, if they didn’t, two lines of conversation to suss your demeanor, then you’d be refused or allowed in with a ‘play nice’ ... there was never any hassle...

My local has door staff every Friday, Saturday and Sunday as there is a disco bar / nightclub upstairs.... nice lads, ranging in age from about 45-60... the older man if any hassle I’ve seen move like a cat in terms of sorting trouble, diffusing rows... he is about 6’5” and his buddy only 5’9” so a bit comical in one way but hard fûckers but nice lads, they also work for one of our international sports teams, minding players and so on... so proper professionals.
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06-04-2021, 22:27   #23
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Originally Posted by HorseStyle View Post
Just as a brief PS, I'm not saying it's a hard job, or an easy job, but it requires a certain disposition to be effective in that position (which is either predisposed or cultivated, but it's a necessary part of the job) and really, that's what those staff get paid for.
I mean I guess the real question is how much the bottle service gal wanted you, right?
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08-04-2021, 00:02   #24
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Only once had a problem with door security. Arrived at a club with a few friends. They were allowed in and I was refused because "I was too drunk". The rest of the group tried to talk to the bouncer and explain that I was the designated joy. I went for a walk and came back again. Different bouncer on the door - got in no bother.

Was walking through the club looking for my mates, with a glass of water in my hand and the original bouncer spotted me. She called over more bouncers to have me thrown out. The guy that let me in stood up for me and said that I was sober. Manager was called and agreed I was sober. Bouncer that refused me said that she didn't trust men with long hair!

Found out later that she was sacked for pulling all sorts of crap like that.
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08-04-2021, 00:36   #25
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"Not tonight frog"

I mean, if you look at it in the context of the following sunrise they are the three best words in the English language in my considered opinion. is offline  
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08-04-2021, 00:48   #26
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Was told once to walk around the block to sober up.
I went home instead as I was absolutely hammered.
Good call, door guy.
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08-04-2021, 00:56   #27
Leg End Reject
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Originally Posted by View Post
"Not tonight frog"

I mean, if you look at it in the context of the following sunrise they are the three best words in the English language in my considered opinion.
Had you promised them snow?
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08-04-2021, 01:16   #28
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I haven't too much experience with them on the job.

I have known a couple in passing in life.

One was very quiet. Introverted ..very into body building seemed like a good guy. Other was a woman ...assertive but not the type you would say 'oh she is a bouncer' very calm nice person very decent. One i just met in an emergency room when i was like 17.

Last guy was also into weight lifting ...he was ..very intense and tightly wound. Very intimidating to be around. He made me very nervous. Hot tempered.

The guy i met in the emergency room was very sweet. He got a chair for me and my mom to sit.

I have only be outright refused entry to a place once. And it was a strange experience. I went to the door ...and the guy kept mumbling something ...i asked him to say it out loud because i couldn't hear...he was Irish so it wasn't a communication issue ..he wasn't rude ..but he refused to speak up and still to this day i have no idea what he was saying. I ASSUMED he was saying don't come in and left. I found him ..'odd'.
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08-04-2021, 01:40   #29
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Haven't had much experience with them but I do remember this one time when I met this sound bouncer at Q Bar once. Years ago when I was 18 I went to a friend's 18th birthday and she decided to have it at QBar. It was probably my first time going to a nightclub so didn't really have much experience in that kind of scene (excitement and nerves played a factor I think). I got to the venue much earlier than the rest of the party at around 20:30 or 21:00 so I had to wait around for them.

Anyway, I walk up to the door of Q Bar and the bouncer asked me "how many drinks?" after he took my ID. I didn't understand the question and thought he was asking me how many drinks I was planning to have tonight. I just had a guess and said "I don't know about 8 or 10". I don't even think I could have managed even 6 pints at that time, but I said 8 or 10 because I didn't know how many I was going to drink. I thought I was playing it safe by giving him a higher number.

The bouncer raised his eyebrows in surprise and said "What?". Then I replied, "What do mean?" He said, "How many drinks have you had?" I said, "Oh, no I haven't had any drinks." I explained to him very nervously that I didn't understand the question but that I didn't have any drinks yet. I guess he believed me because he let me into the club but for a few seconds, I didn't know if he would let me in or turn me away. So I consider him a sound bloke anyway because he didn't give me any grief and let me into Q Bar.

God, I was so naive back then though.

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08-04-2021, 02:02   #30
Gamer Bhoy 89
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This one, as trivial and petty as it is as a whole, will never leave my memory til I die, as I've never had run-ins with bouncers before or since - not once.

I went out on a Friday night after having two or three drinks prior, and was refused entry into a nightclub because I was too drunk -- classic -- I tried to ensure him I was fine but I just think he didn't like me because I was laughing towards the front door. Any form of giddiness is met with a swift "nope" from them somehow - like I have to pretend to be snobby to get in - I digress...

So he refused to let me in anyway so I gave up arguing with him and walked across the road to another nightclub. Bumped into a friend on my way in and he was asking me where everyone else was. I said they were all in the [first] nightclub and that I was not allowed in because I was apparently too drunk. Now, I talk with my hands, so I was doing a lot of pointing and hand gesturing, eventually I walked into the 2nd nightclub with no issues and the rest of the night went rather well. My friends eventually met back up with me later on.

On the next night, Saturday, we decided to go out again. Same idea as before. I hadn't originally planned on going out a 2nd night so I went out on impulse, ultimately stone-cold sober going towards the front door of the same nightclub I was refused entry the night before. Everyone went in and I was halted;

"no chance pal. You're not allowed in here again"

I asked why.

His reasons were so.... personal??.... albeit completely juvenile. It was the same bouncer that told me I was drunk the night before. He started raising his voice at me, making a complete show of not only me but himself, as everyone was staring at him.

"You, and your attitude, going across the road to talk to your little friend how you weren't allowed in. I saw ya, pointing at me giving out. Can't take a telling. So no, because you bitched about me, you're not allowed in. So f*ck off!"

I was mortified.

Told him that he was blowing everything out of proportion and that not only was I not really that drunk the night before but he looked like he was about to burst into tears from how offended he was at me apparently lambasting him across the street.... (the hand gesturing while I talk, and pointing to where the lads were when I was asked - that bouncer was watching me during this conversation and thought I was giving out about him - which I kinda was in a way, but not to the extent he screamed at me for, and that's no reason to refuse someone entry going forward - completely and utterly childish)

He turned his back to me and went inside. The other bouncer quietly said to me "look, if you're not gonna cause trouble, go on ahead"

I will never forget that for the rest of my life. The text on screen barely does it justice. It was one of the most embarrassing encounters I've ever had with someone in a public setting. refuse me entry on a personal level....yikes.

Apart from that one incident the only time I've really been refused entry is not having any I.D. on me. I've usually no problems with bouncers but they do have this sense of power that a minority just can't keep under control -- and that's one of the reasons I think he didn't want to let me in on night 2. He didn't like me and he refused to let me in, because he could.
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