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25-11-2020, 16:43   #5071
Sierra Oscar
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Originally Posted by DavyD_83 View Post
I've been offered the mobile offer every time I call.
I was told €5 per month for 6 months, then 25 after that.
The 25 still seemed step enough to me, I've unlimited everything (but v limited signal for calls) with Gomo for tenner a month.
Are you an existing mobile phone customer and is that for your existing sim, or for taking out a new sim with them?

I eventually got through. It seems like they cleared their queue as I had been holding and the line hung up, when I rang back I got through straight away.

Anyway the representative offered me €15 for 6 months and €25 thereafter. When I pushed for the €5 for six months she straight up told me I was 'mistaken' in thinking existing customers were availing of the offer.

I've put in a complaint anyway regarding the ridiculous issues on the phone lines today. Over three hours of waiting and dropped calls on a number of occasions.

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25-11-2020, 17:08   #5072
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The mobile offer is a monthly rolling contract. You can move any time to someone else. I just moved this week and plan on calling in 6 months to renegotiate.
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25-11-2020, 17:16   #5073
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I was on the 5 mobile plan before I doubt they'll offer it to me again. So I haven't bothered. Maybe they would because they keep beginning it up when I ring.
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25-11-2020, 18:14   #5074
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Originally Posted by DavyD_83 View Post
The 25 still seemed step enough to me, .
I'd say they do that as some people won't move after joining them.
It's very steep nowadays for unlimited everything but wasn't in the past.
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26-11-2020, 02:23   #5075
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1 hour 52 mins on the phone to VM this afternoon. Totally wrecked after that marathon but it paid off. Finally bargained the agent down to 9 months half price for BB, TV and home phone. The deal is there to be had but persistence and doggedness are required. A bit of plaumausing and chit chat with the agent won’t go astray either.
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26-11-2020, 09:11   #5076
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Wasted another hour on the WhatsApp chat with VM yesterday. My contract was up in Sep and I called them the week before to cancel TV and get broadband only for 1 year. Took the 9 months 15 euro off deal because I couldn't keep arguing for an hour. Got a tough rep at the other end. They messed up my order and cancelled TV and still charged me for it. Had to spend an hour arguing for them to stop charging me for TV and give me the money back in early Oct.

In the next bill I realised that they didn't start the broadband contract and I was getting charged full price. So called them. Got got the same offer plus the 15 off the previous month and a half. So effectively 10.5 months at 15 off and 3 at full price. Took it.

Got the November bill last week and guess what? No refund for the month and half they overcharged me due to their mistake. The rep took a long time to understand what I was saying. Kept repeating that I am getting the offer anyway its just starting later. Eventually copped on that the start date had been changed and gave me the money. Was very apologetic at the end but I am not getting my hour back.

Very very frustrating experience. They have good broadband but do their best to drive your blood pressure up.
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26-11-2020, 17:39   #5077
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Is it worth ringing the up currently have 2 accounts in my name with just BB paying €59 PM on each account - rang today and there was an hour waiting time but had no time to hang on got €15 a month of last year of each account and it was better than nothing

Crazy how these big companies get away with these long waiting times to speak to someone If I was to operate like that I would close tomorrow - its elderly people I feel sorry for if they have an issue.
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30-11-2020, 16:28   #5078
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Rang to renew 250MB broadband (€60 p/m standard cost).

Was 1 hour waiting, and straight away offered €44 for 9 months. I asked for half-price 9 months but was denied, so just accepted rather than continue the battle.
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30-11-2020, 18:07   #5079
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Have BB @62.50 pm.....was thinking of adding the basic tv package for another room, the deal costs me 82 quid while new customers can get it at 69 pm ..............fuks sake should it not be the other way round instead of existing customer having to haggle their soul to get a deal, I can't recall how many years I've been with them it's so long
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30-11-2020, 19:34   #5080
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Just had 4th kid arrive so been very tight on time and not able to do the call and hold on forever game. Am out of contract on 240Mb broadband (which given I use my own Ubiquiti networking gear works great) and Horizon TV (diabolical).

I want to upgrade to 360 TV and have that in 2 rooms and 500Mb broadband (as based on a thread in the Broadband forum, 1Gb is flawed at present). Having heard all the promotions for Black Friday, was pretty surprised when I logged onto the site to see basically no deals available for existing customers. I went ahead and ordered as I can cancel within the 14 days. Should I just call 1908 and say I'll cancel and go elsewhere if they don't give me a deal as given I'm out of contract and don't use the TV all that much as it's mainly Netflix etc. streaming, I'm not strongly bound to them so no reason to stay if they're going to treat me worse than a new customer?
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30-11-2020, 19:50   #5081
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If you can't get the same offers as existing or new customers and you have the ability to move to somewhere else, move.
The more people that do it, the better offers Virgin will have to offer to their existing customers to stay.
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01-12-2020, 17:56   #5082
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Has anyone got any offers that include swapping Horizon box for new 360 box?
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02-12-2020, 09:14   #5083
California Dreamer
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Rang at 0900. Got connected at 0905. Got 15 off for 9 months. Honestly I didn't expect anything more. I am happy enough with that. Beats being on hold for an hour plus!
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04-12-2020, 09:18   #5084
Morries Wigs
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anyone get offered the new 1 gb broadband -worth getting?will it end buffering city based
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04-12-2020, 13:29   #5085
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Thanks to those who suggested calling Friday afternoon.

Called at 13:15 - connected at 13:18 - offered 6 months half price immediately - done by 13:25. ��
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