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It would be worth your while reading our sticky which covers some of the basics.

Ethnicity is just a bit of fun and should not be taken seriously.
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Das Reich
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I did with 23andme and it showed exactly my ancestry. I am very mixed from Brazil, having SSA, Native American, and also Scandinavian, Baltic and even some Irish and British ancestry (2%). Mostly is Southern European being Northen Italians the most close to me. My YDNA is quite common (R1B U152) being very common in North Italy. About 92% of non white Brazilians have European haplogroups, strange thing that I noted is that Scandinavian haplogroup I1 is very common among mixed people due to Dutch colonization. I think Brazilian mixed people are kind of similar to South African coloreds.
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Originally Posted by RobMc59 View Post
Having recently had an DNA test I was slightly confused to receive a revised profile fairly quickly which changed my DNA makeup quite significantly.
As a total novice to the interpretation of DNA,could anyone give me any pointers on how to find out about 'DNA marks'.I saw this on a tv programme which traced people's ancestry,the programme was sponsored by 'ancestry'?
Part of reason for changes is due to better size reference sample. So for example I see:

Jan 2015: 3,000+ reference samples

August 2018: 16,000+ reference samples, 500+ possible regions

August 2019: 40,000+ reference samples, 1,000+ possible regions

Basically their calculators are only as good as the reference samples put into them. Over time one would expect more accurate results as more people in a particular region test. However you will have some people from lesser tested regions who might get very generic results still.

For example they only have 14 regions for asia! (19 if you include west asia)

Africa (108 Regions)
America (86 Regions)
Asia (14 Regions)
Europe (810 Regions)
Pacific Islander (6 Regions)
West Asia (5 Regions)

Central Asia—South
Korea & Northern China = 2%
Mongolia & Central Asia—North
Northern & Western India
Northern Asia
Philippines = 89%
Southeast Asia
Southern & Eastern India
My other half got 89% for the Philippines and 2% for 'Korea & Northern China' (ironic given her Netflix viewing habits!). In their current iteration they split her European component as been 4% Spanish and 5% England, Wales & Northwestern Europe. (they also had a <1% connection to Nigeria)

Of course in her case we know that one of her Great-Grandfathers was Spanish.

23andme in comparison seems to have more sample Asian populations. They put a potential Chinese input at about 2.2% with potential links to Guangdong and Fuijan. Which would make sense as these are directly north of the Philippines across the South China sea.

They also split the Philippines into at least 10 regions where she shows potential connections. Unsurprising the region with highest probability that they predict is where she is actually from.
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