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17-09-2019, 11:13   #301
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Originally Posted by PFMC84 View Post
I've also been retuning friends and relatives TV's for them and then re-ordering their channels to get the Irish channels coming right after the 5 UK ones at the top of the EPG.

I'm just glad my TV remembers my EPG positions, even if I retune or if the channel changes MUX, the order and any name changes I've applied remain.
My Panansonic HDD PVR keeps channel order from previous setting before any retune but all TVs I have tuned in, mostly Sony/Samsung/Sharp all require reordering Saorview channels after every retune. Mux with RTE2/VM1/TG4 etc is fine but other Mux with RTE1/RTE1+1/VM3 etc has channels all over the place. BTW i don't charge any fee. I'm doing it for members of my church most of whom are elderly.
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Originally Posted by Digifriendly View Post
BTW i don't charge any fee. I'm doing it for members of my church most of whom are elderly.
Good man....nice to see the decency of a good deed still exists in todays world
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After changing my LG TV to use Ch 46 instead of CH 55 from Maghera, I no longer (as of yet) get that annoying retune message....
Also nicely coincidently, the lower frequency signal on CH 46 also is much more robust than CH 55 for long cable runs. Both our house and the neighbours, with one TV on a long run coaxial cable, used to get breakup on that TV due to the weather and/or local electrical interference on CH 55, but it's never a problem on CH 46 since retuning. The other shorter cable run TV was always fine in both houses on Ch 55.
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17-09-2019, 15:33   #304
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Good to hear.

I also seem to have found an aerial installer who said they can modify my parents set-up to get back COM7 and COM8 and hopefully (as its at a stronger power than those 2 COM MUX's) the local MUX from Divis on 36 also.

Mu mum will be pleased if she can as she was particularly annoyed at losing True Entertainment, which has now become Sony Channel.
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18-09-2019, 02:23   #305
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Originally Posted by Digifriendly View Post
Problem here in NI is that Saorview channels are all over the place after either auto tune or manual scan and all the empty channel carriers on one of the muxes is a pain as you have to delete empty channel carriers and reorder channels. I know Saorview is not devised for UK market but many people up here have Saorview and elderly in particular don't know how to reorder channel list so some do not even know they have some channels which are way down the epg in late 800s. I have been retuning TVs in my area since latest changes and reordering Saorview channels has taken up most of my time.
That's a different matter to what was being mentioned. The "late 800's" issue is down to the UK D-Book specifications where the 800's channels are allocated to "duplicate" or UK out-of-region channels, as well as non-UK received services. The large amount of empty 800's LCN numbers is down to 2RN allocating LCN numbers for ROI reception which contain no associated service. If you set the country on the tuner as "Ireland" and did a scan, the LCNs would be essentially invisible whilst channel surfing - but where the tuner is set to another country then the order gets messed up.

Personally I set the Saorview TV channels to be reordered, where possible, into the 90's with the radio starting at 740. People's mileage will vary. A number of years back when Freeview had less stations running, I placed the Saorview TV channels in the 60's and the radio starting at 730.

I've long wondered if the Saorview services could be run with a dual-LCN, one corresponding to Ireland and a second one to the UK for NI viewers? I suspect it's possible (the Freeview multiplexes in NI for example have two clocks corresponding to time settings for both the UK & ROI, but this isn't reciprocated by Saorview) and could have been designed so that Saorview viewers in NI would have then channels in a specific, unique LCN allocation - but I suspect programming rights issues get in the way, like it does in most things broadcasting.
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