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18-11-2019, 17:23   #46
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Join Date: May 2019
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Myself teenage years I was a emo out and out.

Then went to college and then loved raves (never done pills), a rave to me was good music, drink and woman. Everyone I was at in college I have a story from that rave.
Don't think I be able for then now.

Now late 20s music wise it's everything and anything I go from David bowie to afi to panic at the disco to Steve aoki and so on.
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18-11-2019, 17:44   #47
Ragnar Lothbrok
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Ska and punk in the late 70s and early 80s. I'm still a skinhead* today, never grew out of the style or the music. In general I hated the 80s music and style at the time. New Romantics me ar$e

(* 100% anti-fascist skinhead)

Love proper hardcore Rebel stuff too.
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18-11-2019, 22:42   #48
Join Date: Oct 2012
Posts: 5,938
Britpop. Nothing better than relaxing to UB40 or Def Leppard

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19-11-2019, 23:45   #49
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Techno, open mics, byob events, food festivals, local band nights.

I suppose I should elaborate more like the rest of ye-

With music, anything goes. The playlist often ranges from 90s techno, acid techno, to folk music, rock, Spanish Latino music...with a bit of dance and 80s thrown in!

Shes a manneeeatteerr.. Oh here she comes. With a bit of dire straits, the cure,


Music is a huge part of life. Used to be extremely passionate about it in my teen years, which has kind of faded, but I still try to make time for it, and make myself fall in love with songs again like I once did!

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20-11-2019, 02:16   #50
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I thought this thread was going to be about sex.
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20-11-2019, 02:44   #51
Quantum Erasure
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Originally Posted by sligojoek View Post

I thought this thread was going to be about sex.
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20-11-2019, 02:52   #52
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Posts: 9,631
Growing up it was metal all the way.

Then my tastes broadened out and I listened to more classic rock. Discovered that, far from being dull stuff for the old bastards, The Beatles were the best band of all time - that kind of basic trajectory.

Got more into indieish type music, but still always retained a love for anything heavy involving a guy growling about dismembering people, that kind of thing.

These days I listen to a lot of different stuff -rock, metal, alternative (which is a bit of crap description), electronic, folk, hip-hop.

I don't know what scene that places me in. I know that 95% of my t-shirts are music related. I suppose I'm a metaller at heart and I'll always feel comfortable in some sweaty venue, which reeks of BO, with some fella on stage roaring his head off, but I'll generally go to most gigs that I can go to, regardless of genre.

I think once you get out of your twenties, to still actively take an interest in music - in the sense of seeking out new bands, acts or sounds and going to gigs - kind of becomes a "scene" in and of itself. Most of the people who I went to school or university with, who would have argued passionately, at length, about the merits of one album over another, or would have thought nothing of crossing the country to see a random band don't have quite the same passion for music that they once had. That's fair enough. Other responsibilities and interests develop in a person's life over time. People have kids and marriages to think about, I can understand how they mightn't have the time to check out the new FKA Twigs, or whatever.
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20-11-2019, 09:45   #53
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Loads of stuff, but blues still the big one. I may or may not have been influenced by a dodgy movie back in the 80s starring Ralph Maccio.
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20-11-2019, 09:56   #54
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Posts: 2,564
Don't have a "scene" anymore, appreciate all good music but back in the late 90's, early noughties it was mainly trance. Picotto, Judge Jules, Seb Fontaine and the likes. Many a good night in the Temple, followed by a set by Lisa Lashes down in the crypt. Been to Ibiza on a few occasions

Great days
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20-11-2019, 10:01   #55
Deebles McBeebles
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Originally Posted by topper75 View Post
Loads of stuff, but blues still the big one. I may or may not have been influenced by a dodgy movie back in the 80s starring Ralph Maccio.
I remember it well! A good/dodgy cameo from a certain Mr. Vai.
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20-11-2019, 10:02   #56
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Sex, drugs and rock and roll baby and in that order too....... well used to be, these days it's mostly just the rock and roll
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20-11-2019, 10:17   #57
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 1,073
Chapel Hill indie scene early to mid 90's, Grunge.
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