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29-04-2008, 10:50   #1
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Forum charter *the rulez* - updated 11-12-09

updated 05.02.09

well, the emperor has new clothes, as of today this is now the forum for all sorts of "working" machinery. Topics include HGVs, general Trucking, 4x4s, Tractors, Diggers & Plant and anything else which fits the big with lots of horsepower box.

I suggest we play it by ear for a while before we apply rules specifically for this forum, in the the meantime the smallprint from the generel motors forum applies, as there is:

* No personal attacks on other members
* No car registrations to be mentioned without photographic proof
* No "why do people not turn off their fog light" threads - they have been done before
* If posting images, remember those who still have to endure dial-up.
* Repeated occurrances of “that’s crap” or “you muppet” and other abusive comments in posts will result in a warning and then a good hard banning. If a moderator feels that it is warranted then a ban may apply following just one such comment.
* Old Threads - don't resurrect old threads unnecessarily.
* Caps Lock - its not that hard to turn them off!
* No txt spk - show some respect to others reading your posts
* Flame wars will not be tolerated (after the humour has worn off that is)
* No Trolling
* KEEP IT CLEAN. That means, NO links to Porn, etc., NO (or at least as little as possible) swearing – the stars are there for a reason you know!.
* Bannings will be swift.
* Please note the post below regarding complaints.
* This is a public forum used by people with no idea what they are talking about. Don't assume the advice given is correct. Maintenance tips offered by forum members, whilst helpful, may not necessarily be correct solution, so if in doubt then contact your nearest dealer or qualified mechanic. If you do something as a result of what you read here, you agree that boards are in no way liable for anything at all - you are responsible for your own actions.
* Opinions offered here may not be informed or objective and that there may be vested interests in the forum.
* Back up your statements - if you make a bold statement then please provide some kind of evidence to back up what you are saying.
* It will be assumed that anyone posting within this forum has read and agreed to these rules.
* these rules will change so read them frequently!

Last edited by tricky D; 06-02-2018 at 12:03. Reason: feedback changed to helpdesk
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11-12-2009, 10:57   #2
Seth Brundle
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Posts: 26,109 - Motoring Procedures For Complaints
If you have a complaint about a post, please use the Report Post function (see the icon to the left of the post) to make a complaint. This will then be dealt with by one of the moderators.

Should you have a complaint about an issue within the Motors forum then please follow the following escalation channels using the Private Messaging system:
1. Forum Moderators - a list of moderators can be found at the bottom of each forum main screen - best off CCing them all in your PM as we mods sometimes venture offline to do other things.
2. Category Moderator (kbannon and AlmightyCushion)
3. Help Desk

Should you feel that you are not satisfied with the outcome from contacting the Forum Mods, then try the Cmod. Should you still be unsatisfied, the start a thread in the helpdesk forum. Should you deviate away from these channels and go to the helpdesk initially (for example) then, you will be redirected back towards these channels.

Finally, mods are unpaid and lead somewhat normal lives (we have nagging wives or busy jobs or exciting cars) so please give us a chance to deal with your queries. We do try to remain impartial and open. Sometimes we may wish to get further advice to decide the fairest outcome so please be patient.
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