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09-10-2018, 22:07   #16
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Originally Posted by restartagain View Post
Thanks Guys
Let me know how you get on with those vitamin E tablets if you go for them
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10-10-2018, 09:48   #17
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Will do!
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17-05-2019, 00:04   #18
JP Liz V1
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Originally Posted by bemak View Post
I've been a long time sufferer and have found a lot of joy recently with vitamin E tablets. Got them in Holland and Barrett. Amazed at the difference after only 2 weeks. I would usually be dying this time of year
Zinc and Magnesium supposedly help too
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17-05-2019, 00:42   #19
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Another vote for moo goo.

Noticeable improvement within a week. It has an unusual smell which takes a while to get used to but results are brilliant.
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17-05-2019, 13:32   #20
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Epaderm. Our two year old suffered with it for a number of months and we tried everything. A friend of mine recommened it to me as she and her two kids suffered from it too. Since we started using it he hasnt had an outbreak which is around 18 months. Its available over the counter. We use it on him when he has a bath so ever two to three days or so.
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05-04-2020, 20:38   #21
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Facial Eczema

Does anyone have it on their face?
I've had such a bad breakout this week and nothing is working 😫
I've tried Moo Goo, sudocream, CeraVave, much more but I can't think of the names right off.
It's so painful and itchy!
I usually just get it in my t-zone but this time it's all around my hairline, middle forehead and chin too.
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15-05-2020, 19:11   #22
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Eczema is usually caused by two things. 1, something external that is irritating the skin or 2, something internal.
Creams and ointments do nothing to fix the cause, they can only help ease it.

Internal Eczema is usually diet-related. I speak as someone who has suffered from chronic eczema as a child and had uncontrollable outbreaks through my adult life. I have tried all the usual routes that modern medicine and so-called experts in our health system proscribe and in my experience doctors, from GP to Dermatologists at consultant level, are clueless.
Research gut health and educate yourself.
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18-05-2020, 02:35   #23
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My brother had it for years he was a child though. The Dr (probably the most common sense practical family GP i have ever known) said he would most likely grow out of it as he got older and just wait. He did.
He did try and avoid lots of diff foods etc. But to be honest the only thing that cured it was growing up.

For adults who still have it i am not sure.

Its an auto immune response. Drs always thought that ..but they proved it i think in the last few years.

The diet my brother went on excluded diary, sugar , wheat and citrus fruits. Not sure if it really worked though.

Some people think the immune system is triggered by something. Some people think the autoimmune system is not triggered by anything but its just overactive and attacks the body's own tissues.

Stress is a factor though. I would guess we are all stressed right now.

My mom never let my brother get a steriod injection etc she was worried about his immune system. It was gone though before he reached his teens.

Some people really think the diet etc works. I dunno though.
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