Hi all,

We just moved into a house last week (amazing timing!) and we are thinking about replacing the thermostat with a smart one (maybe a nest, but would happily take suggestions)

It is a two story house with an oil boiler. Built in the early 90s, presumably the boiler is also from the same era.

There is system with a setting for hot water and central heating. Seems like I can't turn on the the CH option with without the HW option (Pressing the CH override seems to fire the boiler up for a second, but shuts off again. Override on the HW does fire it up. Not sure yet if the rads heat up when only HW is on)

Our engineer report mentioned that whole house was on the one zone.

I have a few questions on it:

Would a Nest be suitable for this system?

I presume these are ok to self install? I have 0 experience with boilers but have some experience with other wiring.

Should it be installed directly back to the boiler, or should it be installed back to the orange box?

Here are some photos if it helps