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23-07-2018, 14:17   #61
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Originally Posted by Topgear on Dave View Post
A little more legislation perhaps.

"Rent caps for purpose-built student accommodation to be introduced
Move sought by FF and SF comes after increases of as much as 15% in some areas"

Too much of it is being built anyway.
Re. "student accommodation operates under licence" in the quoted article - is this a kind of tenancy that a private landlord can choose when renting to students, or only applies to purpose built student accommodation?
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23-07-2018, 16:06   #62
Claw Hammer
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Originally Posted by ckblackrock View Post
Re. "student accommodation operates under licence" in the quoted article - is this a kind of tenancy that a private landlord can choose when renting to students, or only applies to purpose built student accommodation?
A private landlord can attempted to create a licence in respect of any tenant. It can be quite difficult to do so. The case below shows as its duration in which a licence was found. It would be quite difficult for a private landlord to achieve the same result.
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09-11-2018, 17:13   #63
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Just adding further recent great ideas from the TDs.

Housing Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Bill 2018 let's rename correctly: wishful communist expropriation of property by the state introduced yesterday by Seamus Healy (at least unlike Sinn Féin TDs he is not an hypocrite: he just says he is a socialist, I would say of the Bolivarian/Trozkyst type) He is using the recent motion of Sinn Féin about housing emergency to try to play his political socialist game on housing:

He does not even care about his bill going against current statute, he is just a plain amateur that throws bills out like if it was a political manifesto with his communist proposals (of course all sort of liberticide legislation in history has been passed with the excuse of "emergency", that is why some Irish political parties are trying to get the emergency passed), let's read what this dangerous elected person is proposing in his great plan for Ireland:

Existence of an emergency
1 Dáil Éireann affirms in law that a housing emergency exists in the State. The housing emergency will continue for three years after the passing of this Bill into law. At the
expiry of this three-year period, the government will bring a review before both Houses of the Oireachtas.

Evictions from buy-to-let dwellings
2 During the period of this national housing emergency no tenant shall be evicted from a buy-to-let dwelling, a dwelling purchased for letting purposes.

Prohibition of rent increases
3 There shall be no further increase in rents of dwellings.

Reduction of private rents [this is beautiful]
4 Existing private rents shall be reduced to reasonable levels, having regard to the differential rent that would be payable by the tenant in situ to a local authority for rental of a similar dwelling.

Evictions from mortgaged dwellings
5 During the period of this national housing emergency no resident in a mortgaged dwelling shall be evicted from the dwelling in which the resident resides.

of course he must know that his proposal will remain just that, but it shows the mindset of people who really do not want a private rented market and everything should be owned/controlled by the state.

Then we have another recent bill proposed by Eoin Ó Broin of Sinn Féin, another grandstanding do-gooder name hiding socialist views: Residential Tenancies (Prevention of Family Homelessness) Bill 2018

This is more technical and it is a change of current statute but nonetheless deleterious:
1) A Part 4 tenancy may not be terminated by the landlord on the ground specified in paragraph 3 of the Table to section 34 where the property to which the tenancy agreement relates is the subject of an existing investment mortgage.
(2) Subsection (1) applies to all tenancies, including a tenancy created before the coming into operation of this section.

Current Section 34(3) of the RTA as amended by RTA 2015:
3. The landlord intends, within 3 months after the termination of the tenancy under this section, to enter into an enforceable agreement for the transfer to another, for full consideration, of the whole of his or her interest in the dwelling or the property containing the dwelling and the notice of termination is accompanied by a statutory declaration referred to in section 35.

This means that any landlord that has a mortgage on the property cannot evict for sale (it will cover the vast majority of landlords). Now why does the title contains the word "Family"? Just other anti-landlord political gesturing from the fellows at SF! Debate BS can be found here:

Finally another "emergency" bill wanting to suspend fundamental rights (it says it explicitly) without the hassle of going through a constitutional change (I mean how can these people be elected!!!): Another grandstanding do-gooder name (hiding socialist tendencies): "Affordable Housing and Fair Mortgage Bill 2018", introduced by John McGuinness of Fianna Fáil (as you can see, dangerous political games span the whole Irish political spectrum), he is just proposing that mortgage contracts should become flexible and making it extremely difficult for the lender to repossess a property due to default (as if it were easy to do nowadays in Ireland!).

What I see in all these proposals and in the latest govvie proposals is a very antagonistic and dangerous attitude towards private property and freedom of contracts. Nothing good will come out for the Irish private residential market in the near future from this bunch of political idiots. Together with the Irish govvie they are hellbent on destroying the PRS just to show they are doing something to get some votes. I saw some posts about high rental yields in Ireland, well look at the political risk, with small landlords leaving due to the very risky scenarios of effective confiscation of rented property, yields will go further up or worst case property for rent will just disappear like in Venezuela.
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09-11-2018, 23:04   #64
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You couldn’t make this sh*t up.......
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10-11-2018, 09:28   #65
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There is zero chance of any of this nonsense coming into force. It is designed to appeal to the constituency of the TD concerned. It is done so the TD can try and impress a section of their constituents by demonstrating that they are trying to help them. Far more tenants and indebted householders go to TDs clinics than landlords and people paying their mortgages.
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