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31-10-2007, 09:39   #16
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Originally Posted by newbuild06 View Post
Hi all
We are based in the midlands, does anyone know where i could get a nice piece of timber for our new mantlepiece. we are looking for something in the regiion of 8ins*6ins by 63ins long. I have no set type of timber in mind.

Thanks in advance
Coens in Tullamore stock solid hardwoods as do McMahons in Portarlington although probably best to ring them before you travel to see what species and sizes they have in stock. You could also try these guys in Carlow:

A local sawmill may be able to supply a native hardwood but it would need to be kiln dried for your purpose.
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Originally Posted by carpainter View Post
Coens in Tullamore stock solid hardwoods as do McMahons in Portarlington although probably best to ring them before you travel to see what species and sizes they have in stock. You could also try these guys in Carlow:

A local sawmill may be able to supply a native hardwood but it would need to be kiln dried for your purpose.
Thanks Carpainter

i went down to a local lad here in mullingar and he had some form of sleepers outside not an old one now but newly cut. Looks perfect for what we want he reckons he if we bring it home to our current abode and have it standing up in the sitting room with the heat/fire on for a few weeks it will dry it out and then be grand for us to use as a mantle once we cut it, seal it and varnish it, sounds good.
Does anyone have any views on this as my biggest worry would be that the timber needs more than just heat from a normal fire to get it right ??? maybe i am wrong hopefully so because it will save me alot of time and hassle if we can use this lovely piece of timber.

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I would be afraind that the kind of "rapid" drying out you are referring to (in your centrally heated house) would cause the timber to crack and check etc. Might be best to store the wood in an unheated room or an attic space for a few weeks before exposing it to central heating.
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03-11-2007, 20:08   #19
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Originally Posted by Pgough View Post
I got red cedar beams 12"x4" and yellow pine 12"x1" in Morgans in the docks (Dublin). They have no web site that I know of but they had a huge selection of timber.

The is another timber merchant on the same road only a few hunderd yards away but I can't remember the name. It is also worth a look.
Morgans have a website at

I have bought hardwoods from them and they are very good, they have timber from 5 continents... their site is about the size of two football pitches (very rough guess). Just recently I was looking for Pitch Pine and they have 'new' Honduras Pitch Pine for about 22 + VAT per cube (2" thick boards)....

I think the other timber place nearby is Chathams... not as good I don't think, I think they mainly sell flooring and stuff...

Strahan timber are ok, they do a fair bit of panel goods, also Planed All Over pine, mainly for the school market... I don't reckon their prices are as competative as the likes of Noyeks but pretty good nonetheless.... they have products difficult to get elsewhere, including Finnish Birch Plywood but it ain't cheap. (But then it never is and apparently the chinese stuff is crap in comparision)

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Timber stockist links, Timber

Nice few links here: thought they might be more useful all together wit a tag or 2
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01-01-2008, 12:43   #21
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Originally Posted by jelly man View Post
could anybody tell me what bass wood is im 8 years at the carpentrey game and veyer heard of it .its ment to b great 4 carving ,so if any one knows about let me know thanks
Sorry to drag up and old post but I didn't spot an answer.

Bass wood is Lime (often writen basswood the american name for lime), ie a Tilla species if you speak botanical latin. Might be a particular species of Lime is used for carving not sure on that but they all have a white wood not very durable (outside) and have good carving properties. Often stated as being the best wood for carving.
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13-05-2008, 14:00   #22
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Radiator Covers

Hi all,

Just to let you know Strahan Timber in Rathcoole will be doing a range of radiator covers starting in two weeks time. Any queries please give me a shout on 01 401 9100 or check the website
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04-07-2008, 00:41   #23
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Hello there. Im working on an old vehicle restoration project and Im on the hunt for melamine coated hardboard, no thicker than 5mm. Having great difficulty tracking it down and have tried hardboards etc but nothign that doesnt fall down again (its to replace the ceiling panels on a bus!). Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
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06-07-2008, 22:40   #24
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Melamine faced 3 mm and 6 mm mdf should be readily available in the likes of Noyeks ect. Camper restoration workshops should also be able to give you contact details for suppliers.

I have used it in the shopfitting industry as well, so they are worth a try to. I will make some enquiries over the next few days , and get back to you.

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04-10-2008, 17:04   #25
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any one know somewhere i can buy planed hardwood or do most suppliers only stock rough
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05-10-2008, 22:46   #26
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If my memory serves me correctly this company will prepare timber for you, but I,m not 100% sure about the hardwood, but a phone call should sort you out.

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06-10-2008, 11:14   #27
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I don't think Woodworkers help with planing hardwoods but I may be mistaken.

There are some 'Wood Machinists' (see Yellow Pages) that would produce planed timber to order....there's one in Greystones in Wicklow I seem to remember... however they won't be very cheap and I don't know what the quality would be like.... I would recommend purchasing your own machine if at all possible as it would pay for itself after a while, maybe only a short while.

You will be able to get square edged timbers, especially in Beech for example... you may even be able to get planed timber in Beech or Oak.

You can buy solid Oak from Morgans which is isn't planks however, it would be stair treads which are laminated like pine panels or hardwood worktops... you could get it in the follwoing dimensions and more...

18mm x 270mm x 4,100mm
25mm x 270mm x 4,500mm
etc etc

The 270mm size will be made from edge glueing thinner planks together.

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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
any one know somewhere i can buy planed hardwood or do most suppliers only stock rough
You could go to Timber Factors near Coolock 018472216, they won't have it ready but can plane to size it for you.

Ask for George he'll sort you out.

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26-11-2008, 16:37   #29
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My contact list;

Abbey Woods
Maple House,
22 Baldoyle Ind. Est,
Dublin 13
(01) 8393435
9-5 mon-fri (close early friday)
30 per cubic foot of oak

M1 business park,
(01) 841 0440
Hardwood office 8555333
Mon - Fri:7:30am to 5:00pm
*** Not hardwoods Sat:9:00am to 5:00pm
Walnut €50 per cubic foot
red oak €18.15 per cubic foot
Hard white maple
soft Maple

The Lisnavagh Timber Project
The Farmyard,
Co Carlow,

Morgans Timber
Promenade rd,
East Wall,
Dublin 3
(apparently no good unless you know what you want!)

Strahan Timber
Unit 13 Beechwood house
Greenogue Business park
Co. Dublin
01 401 9100

The Routing Centre Ltd
Bluebell Ind Est 12 Co. Dublin

Brooks in Balbriggan are the guys i go to for my hardwoods. Tony in the hardwood office is a nice bloke and they have no problem letting you head into the warehouse to look through the stock to see if there is anything good, they will also post you out a hardwood price list. They will also cut the boards to fit your car if they are too long. Which i really appreciate!! As I can fit an 8 foot board in the car and no more. McMahons in Rosemount in blanchardstown were very uninterested in me being there and had no inclination to help or answer questions, they are used to selling hardwood by the bale and not interested in the hobbyist. Which is a pity because they are nice and close to where I work.

Hope this helps.

btw any prices I have in there were from when I was looking for timber 6 months ago and i doubt if they are still current, make sure you ring up before working out your budget.


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up in Ballymount, good range of sheet goods and huge baulks of hardwoods.
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