It was brought to my attention that we did not have a charter posted.
So have a read
Haven't needed one in many years but just in case...

If there is anything missing, please let a mod know through pm.

And welcome ...

1. This forum is intended for discussion of issues connected with Woodcraft/Timber by fellow users, and as a place to exchange tips and advice. It is not a consultancy service and it is strongly advised that you always verify any advice or information from an independent professional. Be aware that being an open public forum you may not always agree with a poster's response, if you don't like or agree with any poster's response do not argue on-thread.

2. If you feel a post is insulting, do not engage that poster on-thread, use the report post function (bottom left hand side of each post) or send a pm to any one the moderators listed at the bottom of the forum page.

3. Common sense and good manners are to be observed at all times. You are expected to refrain from posting personal abuse, bad language, shilling, advertising and spamming. Any failure to observe these may warrant a ban.

4. While advice might be sought or given, posters should make every effort to verify any advice expressed by appointing an independent professional.

5. The advice and opinions expressed on this forum are not those of Ltd. and the management accepts no responsibility for what is written and posted here.

6. Do not reply to a post by inserting text within the quoted post.

7. Any defamation found in this forum will result in the thread/post being edited or deleted. Defamation is when something untrue or damaging is written about another person or company.

8. If you are not happy for any reason with the moderation of the forum then you should send a Private Message to one of the moderators and if this does not address your concerns you should then follow the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

9. While the naming of companies, products, services or bodies is allowed, naming individuals or putting mobile phone numbers on-thread is not allowed. Please do not repeat a companies name in numerous threads.

10. Anyone who just visits the forum to spam or advertise a product or company will have their posts deleted and they will be banned, the same applies to having a product or company name as a username. Do Not Advertise.

11. If in doubt about any of the above please send a Private Message to one of the forum moderators before posting.

12. Surveys, research, etc., may not be posted unless previously agreed with a forum moderator.

13. Posters should only participate in this forum (or any forum) in accordance with Terms of Use which they agreed to when signing up.