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Guys - just some comments - firstly hats off to the people that have kicked this project off - I for one have signed up and would urge everyone to do so.

I do have some misgivings - as I think it will be very difficult to get everyone on the same page - I also think that the direction of funding and funding choices will be a contentious topic.

I have already signed up and indeed I have no problems donating to this down the line however I would suggest that people should have the ability to give targeted donations as well
For example if an Irish medical research project was to be kicked off by the organisation or a third party quality check on available eliquids on the irish market - it would be nice to donate to that specifically.

If some things like the above were to be produced - a medical unbiased report based on research - then I also think that people would be more inclined to give general donations down the line to keep the organisation running.
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Originally Posted by dePeatrick View Post
No, it is not a two way street, demand always precedes supply, unless you are a marketing guy who always believe the opposite....

Why on earth should I have to mail you to get an answer on transparency and accountability? Do you not see that outrageous paradox in your logic?
This is a new up and coming professional organisation, that I'm sure will be totally transparent and accountable to all it's 'members' and as time sees fit to the general public, and like any and every organisation in the middle off a massive worldwide debate,fight ,battle whatever you want to call it... It surely isn't a big ask to private mail members on certain issues!!
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Originally Posted by iba View Post
That is very interesting that they have added the extra fields of; full name, home address and telephone number since you registered, I am guessing, a couple of days ago.

Call me cyncial if you will but I am really asking myself now why would they add these extra fields.

It makes total 'professional' sense, especially for an organisation like this, which I 'assume' will be involved in huge worldwide debates in the future!
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I think a World Vaping Organisation is a fantastic idea, there is the World Health Organisation, who don't seem to have health at their heart, here in the UK, we have the MHRA who also don't have health at their heart and a Government which just simply doesn't have a heart.

The WVO has been set up to assert not just authority but to bring together cohesion and unity, instead of disjointed campaigns which bicker with each other.

I personally don't mind if they have my name, address and telephone number, because I want to stand up and be counted and I can't do that anonymously. I'm not ashamed to say I'm a vaper, I'm not a criminal so don't have anything to hide, if people aren't on the side of the vaping community and want to be able to vape as freely as they do today, then this isn't an Organisation for you to be joining - so why the long debate?

I feel let down by certain MEP's who gave assurances during a long campaign recently that they would do their utmost to ensure that only advertising on electronic cigarettes and no selling to under 18's and non-smokers would be a regulation they were looking for, instead they've returned to the UK with a piece of paper that shafts anyone who vapes, but protects big tobacco, huge pharamaceuticals and of course they make it sound like a Victory for Vapers - just how stupid to they think we are?

I read this yesterday and this is from a man who is not a smoker, never has been but a completely unbiased view as to what consumer rights, human rights and health rights are all about. Take a read, make your stand, either join or don't, just as with vaping, it's a right to choose (until now), the same goes for joining the WVO! Linda Reid
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Hi to all

The WVO has now been launched for a week, We have about 2300 members. Over 90% of those are vapers and about 200 are vendors. The results from the first week are not bad neither great. Let be honest, for this organisation to have any serious power we need to reach the milestone which is about 50,000 members in our opinion. So we have a lot of work to do in order to reach this number.

Over the last week we realised that there is a certain mistrust between vapers and vendors. The fact that my name as eBaron is underneath the manifesto has created much suspicion between vapers all over the world thinking that this is nothing more than another trade organisation that wants to manipulate the market. This is so far away from the truth, however the fact remains that the vapers are rightly suspicious.

Another major problem that we have is that we are overwhelmed with messages, emails and work that needs to be done, and at the moment unfortunately cannot be done. Basically, we cannot cope. This organisation will need one or two full-time personnel in order to cope. As you understand something like that cannot happen until there are elected directors that can take over and spend the money however they see fit.

Based on the above, we need seriously passionate vapers to step-up and take over the WVO. We will need one person to take over for each of the following regions/countries:


In addition we will need one person non-vendor, somebody with a specific weight in the vaping world, somebody that the majority of vapers trust, that will take the lead of all the organisation today and organise the elections over the next month.

Hopefully, if we find the above 9 people, these people can run for the elections and the work that they did for the organisation before hand may be rewarded by the members voting for them. The plan for the elections is to be held on January through the website.

It is absolutely essential, if you would seriously like this organisation to succeed, for these leaders to be found immediately. The most important is the overall leader that would organise the elections.

As you know, as eBaron, my aim was to kick start this organisation and then move to the sidelines as an ordinary member. I stick to that. I am not the correct person to be a leader of an organisation such as this because of my status as a major vendor and to be honest I do not have the capabilities and qualities to do such a thing. Over the last few months myself as well as several people from the founder members have put a lot of work, time and money for this organisation to to begin and I believe our work at the front is almost complete.

Have a wonderful Christmas.
Georgio / eBaron
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13-01-2014, 12:08   #81
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hi guys
just wanna bring another org to your attention: European Free Vaping Initiative - a European Citizens' Initiative
you can help your own cause by giving your signature to them to be able to officially meet an eu delegation, have a public hearing and potentially propose legislation to the eu (details here:
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12-11-2014, 18:31   #82
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Vaping world !

I joined the other day - very important and informative !
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10-06-2019, 16:40   #83
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that's great. and vaping is really a better choice for regular smokers. you're doing a great thing. thanks for you all.
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