Yesterday I was sitting out in the sun having a cup of coffee and when I looked into the sky (wearing shades) at the clouds I noticed a very odd colour.

Clouds that were moving near or through the sun and whom you could still see the sun would have a funny colour. It was like a rainbow colour, sometimes very red, sometimes distinctly green (like when meat starts to go off) but very unusual. And to clarify it had rainbow colors but didn’t look like it was a rainbow of the same sort of illusion as a rain. More like the kind of thing you would see on a science show when they show you an infrared or different lense that shows different gases interacting in our atmosphere but our naked eyes can’t see.

Perhaps its the same optical illusion from a rainbow (as there is moisture in clouds) and maybe its because I never really took notice but it sort of surprised me. Prob cause Im watching the show Chernobyl I am a bit more aware of gases in the atmosphere!

I posted it here in case somebody could explain it or knew what it was.