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08-11-2019, 20:30   #1
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What silly things did you do as a child?

So what did you do?

When I was about 10 and staying my cousin we decided to go have a look at the back of a lorry tractor unit that would be parked nearby. We got destryed from all the grease on the hitch lol.
Another time when me and my sister were staying at my Anty we were out playing in the shed and there was a biscuit tin full of what I thought was water so I decided to was my face with it but ended up destroyed in oil lol.
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08-11-2019, 20:34   #2
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I found an old sword once, out the back of a chipper. Not knowing what else to do, I held it aloft my head and then fabulous secret powers were revealed to me. It was gas altogether
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08-11-2019, 20:57   #3
Dial Hard
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Thought the best place to hide in a game of hide and seek was standing on the outside sill of my (upstairs) bedroom window, with the curtains closed. I was about four. One of the neighbours spotted me and ran in to tell my mam. It took her a good five or ten minutes to coax me in and I remember being really annoyed at having my excellent spot ruined by the neighbour.
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08-11-2019, 21:03   #4
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Fell down every single flight of stairs in our house (there were a lot), interior and exterior, face/head first - winding up in hospital having my head stitched on one occasion, going to school with gouges all down one side of my face on another.

I still have problems going down stairs to this day.
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08-11-2019, 21:03   #5
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I was going to say “eating chewing gum off the road” when I saw the title of the thread.

I see now that I might have a different idea about the word “silly”.
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08-11-2019, 21:04   #6
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Enjoyed cordial relations with my 'boomer' parents.
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08-11-2019, 21:06   #7
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Drank bleach when I was 4
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08-11-2019, 21:07   #8
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Had aunt and uncle and cousins visiting us. So me and cousins got up early in the morning and started playing hide and seek while all the parents were in bed.
I hid in the upstairs bath tub.
So around 7am I'm lying down in the bath tub hiding. Suddenly I hear foot-steps coming running into the bathroom so I jumped up out of the bath tub thinking I had been found.
It turned out that it was my Aunt who had made the short dash across the landing from the spare room facing the bathroom. She was naked from the waist up!!!!!! Her baps were bouncing around as she ran into the bathroom. So as I jumped out of the bath tub she screamed and I screamed and then she went running back to the bedroom and I climbed out of the bath tub, slightly shook.
It was my first time seeing a woman's melons and unfortunately it is etched, ingrained, into my memory.
I never played hide and seek again after that day.
And I'd imagine she probably never ran topless across an upstairs landing again either.
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08-11-2019, 21:08   #9
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Originally Posted by Borderfox View Post
Drank bleach when I was 4
Ooh, you've just reminded me, I was found at some tender age (too young to remember) scooping handfuls of washing powder into my gob, wound up in hospital that time as well, having my stomach pumped I believe......
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08-11-2019, 21:09   #10
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Not me, Brothers threw a match into a petrol tank of a car, ended up in the eye, ear and throat.
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08-11-2019, 21:16   #11
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Myself and my brother used to pour sugar all over the lino on the kitchen floor early on weekend mornings and go skating around in our socks, not sure where we got the idea but my poor mother would have a fit when she got up, the threat was always the same "there will be no Monkees for ye tonight". The funny thing is I can't remember anything about the TV programme so we must have been bold a lot.
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08-11-2019, 21:22   #12
corner of hells
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Originally Posted by beejee View Post
I found an old sword once, out the back of a chipper. Not knowing what else to do, I held it aloft my head and then fabulous secret powers were revealed to me. It was gas altogether
What were you doing round the back of a chipper?
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08-11-2019, 21:22   #13
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Originally Posted by Borderfox View Post
Drank bleach when I was 4
Snap, just replace bleach with dettol.
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08-11-2019, 21:23   #14
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I called the teacher mam!
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08-11-2019, 21:23   #15
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Grow up.
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