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26-09-2019, 17:14   #16
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Originally Posted by Ruraldweller56 View Post
Not only do I agree fully, I would also like to point out the writing was on the wall years ago about the sort of scumbag he was.

It didn't happen overnight.

Many people seemed to willfully ignore it. Or even encourage it. Then suddenly swathes of people suddenly didn't like him for some reason.

If he wants to be a scrote off with him. The flag bearer thing is disgraceful. Him and his supporters need to explain why we all had to be thrown under the bus along with them.
indeed. pure denial.

contrast fake working-class McGregor with someone like former boxing world champion Andy Lee who is a fooking traveller for fecks sake - but a better ambassador of Irishness (even tho born in the UK) or a sounder or more eloquent man you could you not find.
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Hatters gonna hate. Seems you can do and say what you like and fall behind this slogan to justify doing whatever you like
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At the end of the day, he’s not an individual whom I could warm to that easily. Talented yes but a tough ‘like’... massive kudos for his success and everything but seeing his mug on tv and his ever moving mouth... nahhh I find myself reaching for the remote and MUTE...
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Poor kid. Not a great start in life. On the shoulders of your topless da, already missing a shoe.
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Originally Posted by Effects View Post

Poor kid. Not a great start in life. On the shoulders of your topless da, already missing a shoe.
Correction. He found a shoe
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26-09-2019, 19:38   #21
Put that light out!
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Perhaps if certain posters would read the forum charter they would realise no fighter bashing is allowed

As this thread is only going to attract such behaviour, it serves no purpose in this forum and I'm closing it

If anyone wants to discuss McGregor and his talents/decline or other aspects of his MMA career in a constructive manner you should know exactly which thread that belongs in
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