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07-04-2019, 15:02   #61
Mrs OBumble
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Use net.

2400 baud.
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07-04-2019, 15:36   #62
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No Wikipedia or Facebook
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07-04-2019, 15:46   #63
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07-04-2019, 15:58   #64
E mac
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Yahoo chat.
'Doras' irelands answer to yahoo.
Eircom advertising internet on the internet.
Using Napster for the first time (Ms Jackson -Outkast) its mine now Forever!
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07-04-2019, 16:00   #65
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The old internet:

Wanna put up a website but don't want to pay any money? : Use GeoCities. (boardsies under 30 won't have a clue what I'm talking about but google it)

Email: No gmail. Use hotmail - still a respectable independant (of microsoft who took it over) entity.

Want an email program on your computer: Use pegasus. Free and quite respectable, yes really. If you have Microsoft Office, ofcourse you can configure Microsoft Outlook. This could be wired up with an eir or tinet account as it was then known.

Netscape is the browser that ALL RESPECTABLE wierdos / geeks / space cadets use btw.
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07-04-2019, 16:05   #66
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angelfire. Those sites usually consisted of a coloured background and text in a clashing colour that were really hard to read and made your eyes go funny.
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07-04-2019, 16:10   #67
Ger Roe
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The Old Internet :

Back in the 90's I was involved with a pirate radio station in Dublin that was one of the first online broadcasters. We only had one phone line into the 'studio' (garden shed) and we had to announce that no requests were to be phoned in while we attempted to connect to the internet. It was a dial up connection and we only operated on the web at specific times as we could not afford the cost of having a full time web connection. It was fun to go on line and wait to see if any emails came in from far flung parts.

I was amazed to find out that the sellotape and string system we used actually worked when I went on holidays to Canada and could listen in to our garden shed station.

Simple and fun times.
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07-04-2019, 16:35   #68
Pinch Flat
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I remember listening to 2fm back in the late 90s. The DJ would put out a shout to someone like joe listening to us on the internet. I thought listening to radio and music over the internet would never take off. So here I am, Spotify plugged into my hifi with instant access to a vast library of recorded music..
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07-04-2019, 17:16   #69
Badly Drunk Boy
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Here's a clip of Pete Tong on the radio in 1995, giving the internet address of the show on the BBC website. or maybe (He didn't say 'forward slash' for one of the slashes.)
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07-04-2019, 17:20   #70
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07-04-2019, 17:21   #71
Mint Sauce
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Originally Posted by Wanderer2010 View Post
Was there a thing on your phone called WAP, or am I dreaming? Think it was a very low level internet connection which showed Lotto and Horoscopes but took ages to load and used a lot of credit!
Don't forget the pixilated pictures and short stories on phone erotica. Or so I was told.

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07-04-2019, 17:25   #72
Mister Vain
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It took about 2 hours to finish a wank because of the length of time it took for a pornographic image to load.
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07-04-2019, 17:30   #73
Ads by Google
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Preplanned wanks so you could download whatever you were into.

It really was just so different back then. The entire thing was a jungle, and I'm glad I was part of it.
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07-04-2019, 18:26   #74
Capt'n Midnight
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Originally Posted by branie2 View Post
Some websites took a long time to load
Oh the joy when a site used Interlaced gifs.
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07-04-2019, 18:53   #75
Pinch Flat
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Originally Posted by Mister Vain View Post
It took about 2 hours to finish a wank because of the length of time it took for a pornographic image to load.
You can finish in a few seconds now. Ah technology.
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