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27-12-2018, 13:29   #106
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Originally Posted by jmayo View Post
Fook him the sanctimonious pri**.

If he was so interested in helping Irish people he wouldn't have moved his company's tax residency to a cheaper tax location.

This has to be best case of kicking someones ar** I have seen around here in quite a while.

The difference is JP is tax resident outside of Ireland AND whilst he contributes a hell of a lot to Irish causes, yes including the GAA, I don't think I have ever ever heard him going around lecturing normal people to contribute their earnings.

Ahh that's bullcr** pedalled to make him sound like some normal lad coming from a working class or tough area like Ballymum flats.

Mind telling us how many years U2, Bonehead and the lads benefited from the very low tax rate offered to artists in Ireland all thanks to another tax avoider one mr cj haughey ?

Well isn't he great.
FFS no one would be on his case if he wasn't a fooking hypocrit telling normal people to cough up the whole fooking time.

He is one of the worst of this modern breed of celebrity lecturing others.
Fair enough they did some good with things like Band Aid/Live Aid, but it went to their fooking heads.

Ad what is worse is whilst these people are lecturing others about contributing, about helping refugees, etc they are fooking immune from it due to their wealth.

STFU would be the best advice for him.
Maybe take your own advice and you wouldn't sound so begrudging.
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27-12-2018, 13:37   #107
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If bono got all the shops to blast U2 with doors open

Would probably solve the homeless.crisis overnight
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27-12-2018, 14:35   #108
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Originally Posted by Dirtdrifter View Post
If bono got all the shops to blast U2 with doors open

Would probably solve the homeless.crisis overnight
Yeah, I was thinking when I saw it, there was probably a couple of lads sleeping out in grafton street that night that probably decided to get their life in order, give up the heroin etc instead of sitting there listening to bono..
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27-12-2018, 14:35   #109
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27-12-2018, 14:56   #110
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Originally Posted by aido79 View Post
I agree with that. I just don't see why his tax affairs get dragged into it. Every millionaire in the country avoids paying tax because they can afford better accountants yet they don't all get the same attention as Bono.
Yes but they're not all preachy and condescending like Bono telling everyone else what they should be doing with their own money are they im just sick to my back teeth of all these wealthy out of touch celebs dictating to the rest of us how we should live our lives because it's none of their bloody business what everyone else does, so i wish they would all just shut the hell up about things they know absolutely nothing about.
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